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Apart from being one of the most prominent airlines, Southwest Airlines is also the largest low-cost carrier out there. The airline is popular among frequent travelers who are on the lookout for budget-friendly flight deals that do not compromise the service quality. The airline has also been lenient when it comes to its various policies. Have you booked a flight with Southwest Airlines but won’t be able to make the trip due to a change in travel plans. In that case, you might be looking to get your flight ticket transferred to another passenger. But does Southwest allow the transfer of tickets to another passenger? Read further to know everything about Southwest transfer ticket to another passenger.

Transfer Ticket Request

For assistance with ticket transfers, talk to experts at Ticket Transfer Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).

Can I Transfer Southwest Ticket To Another Person?

Even though Southwest Airlines is as customer-friendly as possible regarding its various policies, the airline is strict regarding ticket transfers. Under no condition can you transfer a flight ticket issued by Southwest Airlines. Ticket transfers can increase the risk of fraud and phony passengers boarding the flight. This can in turn compromise the safety of other passengers on the flight.

The prohibition of ticket transfers is not unique to Southwest only. Almost all major airlines do not allow ticket transfers for the same above-stated reason. The only time an airline will Southwest ticket transfer to another passenger is when the airline is offering a transferable ticket.

For further queries on ticket transfer, get in touch with Customer Support at +1-888-906-1815.

Transferable and Non-Transferable Tickets

So what are Transferable and Non-Transferable tickets? As the name suggests, a transferable ticket is eligible to be passed on in the name of another passenger. The new passenger will then be allowed to board the flight for the same booking. Transferable tickets are offered by only a few airlines. They can also be extremely costly.

Non-Transferable tickets on the other hand cannot be passed on to a new passenger. All fares offered by Southwest Airlines are non-transferable.

Alternatives To Transferring Ticket To Another Passenger

Even if Southwest Airlines tickets cannot be transferred to another passenger, there are a few alternatives to this available to the customer. Your best bet would be to cancel your booking and make a completely new reservation in the name of another passenger. If you are able to cancel the booking within the risk-free period, you would be able to avoid paying any penalties. Details on Southwest’s cancellation and refund policy are given below.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you do opt for canceling your ticket and making a new reservation, familiarizing yourself with the airline’s cancellation and refund policy would be worth your time.

  • On any cancellations made within 24 hours of ticket purchase, the airline will issue a full refund and not charged a cancellation fee.
  • A passenger who has purchased a non-refundable ticket will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Non-Refundable fares are not eligible for a cash refund and you will receive Travel Funds that can be used to book future travel.
  • The cancellation fee can vary depending on factors such as the fare type purchased, travel class, and the time of cancellation request.
  • Southwest will also charge a service fee upon ticket cancellation.
  • Southwest allows booking cancellations to be made up until 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers who won’t be able to take their flight due to exceptional circumstances, such as a serious illness or the death of a family member, can cancel the booking and get a full refund granted they provide supporting documents.
  • Refunds shall be issued through the same method of payment that was used by the passenger during the reservation process.

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Southwest booking cancellations can be done either online via the Southwest website or by getting in touch with customer support.

Note: ‘Anytime’ and ‘Business Select’ fares are refundable while ‘Wanna Get Away’ fares are strictly non-refundable.

Does Southwest Allow Name Change On Ticket?

Southwest Airlines does indeed allow name changes to be made on their tickets. However, a name change need not be confused with the Southwest transfer of a ticket to another passenger. You can only correct any misspellings or do legal name changes. Such changes are allowed as long as the updated name matches the one on the ID/Passport issued by the government. Legal name changes will require the submission of valid documents.

Name corrections up to 4 characters can be made easily made online by using the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking service. If you wish to make a name change that exceeds 4 characters, you can contact customer support at +1-888-906-1815.

Calling this phone number will get you connected to a live person who will assist you in a name change and can also provide further details on the Southwest transfer ticket to another passenger.

Can I Transfer My Southwest Travel Credit To Another Passenger?

Yes, Southwest Airlines does allow travel credit to be transferred to another passenger. It is a perk that Southwest has only recently introduced in its offerings. Pretty much any other major airline does not allow the transfer of travel credit. In order to be eligible for the transfer of travel credit, both passengers must be a member of the airline’s Rapid Rewards loyalty program. The travel credit also has an expiration date. It cannot be used for future travel with Southwest after 12 months from the scheduled departure of the original flight.

Travel Credit transfer service is available for Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Plus fares and not for the standard Wanna Get Away fares.