Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 10:17 am

Are you looking to book a flight with Spirit Airlines? Or do you have queries regarding managing your Spirit booking? With the help of Spirit Airlines Customer Service Phone, you can get proper assistance in flight booking procedures and get all your related questions answered. Here’s all you need to know about Spirit Airlines Customer Service.

How Can Spirit Phone Number Help You?

As we all know, most of the air travel procedures can now be completed conveniently with the help of the internet. Gone are the days of visiting the airport to make your flight reservation or standing in long lines for Check-In. However, what you do not get over the internet is the ability to communicate to a Spirit Airlines live person to get quick answers to any of your queries.

The customer service staff of Spirit Airlines is well-qualified and will provide all the details you need. Apart from solving your basic reservation-related problems, the customer service can also help you add baggage, help select a seat of your choice, add meals, and help file a Spirit Bag Claim for damaged or lost baggage.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Queries

So what type of air travel queries can you get answers to with Spirit Airlines Customer Service? The live representative of the airline will give information related to offline and online ways of making reservations, all the various policies of the airline, questions related to special assistance, and more. Below is a list of a few things you can get information on by phoning the airline.

Spirit Airlines Reservations
Manage Booking
Spirit Baggage Policy
Pet Policy
Unaccompanied Minor Service
Group Travel
Cancellation Policy
Change Policy
Refund Policy
Covid-19 updates
In-Flight Services
Flights Deals
Vacation Packages
Frequent Flyer
Online Check-In

About 15% of calls made to Spirit Airlines customer service are passengers asking for reservations. 13% of calls are made for cancellation or activation. About 5% of calls are regarding refunds or flight changes. The average call duration is 5-6 minutes. About 10% of the customers who call get their issue fully resolved over the phone itself. Most of these calls come from Florida, Texas, California, and Michigan.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Reviews

How do customers feel about Spirit Airlines’ customer service? The reviews of customers have been good to average. The customer service of Spirit Airlines is not as efficient as that of many other major airlines and that is understandable as Spirit is an ultra-low-cost carrier. The customer service is still very competent in providing useful information quickly and the staff is polite and friendly. They will make sure you get a satisfactory answer before you put down the phone. If the customer service cannot provide help regarding your problem, they will make sure to suggest you an alternative for the same.

Ways To Contact Customer Service

There are a few ways you can get in touch with a Spirit Airlines representative. The best-advised way to get immediate assistance for your problems is via phone call. Spirit Airlines has different reservations number for various locations around the globe. Make sure to call at the number designated for your particular location. For submitting complaints you can email the airline on the email provided on Spirit Airlines official website. You can also communicate with customer service through SMS or WhatsApp. Simply make sure you start your texts with “Hello” followed by details on the problem you are facing. To get the contact number of Spirit Airlines, simply visit Spirit Airlines Official Site.

Before You Contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service

There are a few things you must keep in mind before you contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service. Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you before you give a call to the customer service. These important documents can include your ticket confirmations, your personal information documents, any receipts, and boarding passes. Having this information handy will save your time over the phone and you will be able to provide all the details quickly to the live person. Having a notepad or anything to note down information on is advised. Also, make sure your phone is getting uninterrupted signals before you make the call.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service FAQs

When can I phone Spirit Airlines customer service?
The Spirit Airlines Customer Service is available 24/7.

Can I check my flight status by contacting customer service?
Even though you can check the flight status online with ease, if you cannot do so due to any reason, you can contact customer service and the live person will let you know about your flight status.

What is the best time to phone Spirit Airlines customer service?
The best time to call Spirit Airlines is 8:00 AM.

My baggage was damaged, can Spirit Airlines customer service help me?
Yes, the customer service will help you submit a complaint about major damages caused to your baggage during your Spirit Airlines flight.

Can I request a refund for my canceled flight via phone call?
You can request a refund for your canceled flight both online and offline (via phone call). The customer service will tell you if your ticket is eligible for a refund.

Can Spirit Airlines’ customer service change my flight?
Yes, you can request a flight change by contacting Spirit Airlines customer service. The live person will tell you all the alternative flights available for your desired destination.