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For all the individuals who love to travel a lot look for ways that can help them in exploring various destinations around the world. Not just traveling, people look for ways that allow them to travel at an affordable price. When air travels were a new thing and not many people knew about it, there were not enough ways to save a good amount of them. Talking about the current scenario, one looks for places and flights which are under their budget. So, one of such options is Spirit Airlines New Orleans flights.

For all the flyers who want to explore New Orleans at the most economical prices,, spirit airline is the best option. Once you will go through all the information here, you can get to know about Spirit Airlines New Orleans flights.

Though there are various airlines which one chooses if they decide to fly to any destination but spirit airline is the best one in the field. This airline offers flights to endless destinations at a price that all kinds of flyers can pay. If we look at other airlines, then their airfares are very high because of which not all classes of flyers can fly with them. Also, as there are many destinations that spirit airlines offer people can choose their favorite destination.

One of such destination is New Orleans. People can explore this destination with much more freedom now. Now, why this is so? Because people get to save enough bucks on their flight fares. When an individual saves enough on the flight fares, they spend that amount during their trip. In addition to this, New Orleans is a destination that offers all its travelers endless fun. There are so many places and

If you are also the one looking to board for Spirit Airlines New Orleans and looking for the information on the same, refer to the information below. Through the information here, one can get to know all about non-stop flights and much more.

Low fare Spirit Airlines New Orleans flights

Who does not want to save money? All of us understand the value of saving enough money. There are so many people who are fond of traveling but does not know how they can travel by not making a hole in their pocket. In present, one does not have to spend a huge amount if they are willing to travel. In comparison to the past times, people have much more freedom of traveling by paying a lesser amount.

Do you want to know all about the flights to New Orleans for which an individual has to pay such a less amount? There are so many people who avoid making travel plans as they think they have to spend a lot.

Before we get to know all about the flights, one must know how they can remain updated about such low-fare flights. There is a very simple thing that an individual has to do. Just visit the official website of spirit airlines and sign up there. Once an individual signs up, they will get to know all about Spirit Airlines New Orleans flights. The team of spirit airlines will send all the individuals the mail regarding the new and exciting deals and offers.

So, the list of flights mentioned below will explain all about the flights which ask for such a less fare.

                          Route                   Fares(approximately)
                Atlanta to New Orleans                              $19
                Tampa to New Orleans                              $19
                Orlando to New Orleans                              $21
           Fort launderable to New Orleans                              $31
                Los Angeles to New Orleans                              $39
               Baltimore to New Orleans                              $27
                San Juan to New Orleans                              $45

In addition to knowing about routes, there is one thing that all flyers want to know i.e., What time does the Spirit counter open at MSY airport? So, it opens up at 8:00 a.m. and works till 3:00 p.m.  These are the working hours at this airport.

New Non-Stop Route Of Spirit Airlines New Orleans

Spirit airlines make sure they work their best to provide flights for all routes. There are many airlines that do not add in many flights. This makes the flyers disappointed as they can’t make the booking for that particular route. Therefore, to keep sure that no flyers have to face any issue, spirit Airlines has commenced a new route.

In addition to all other routes, spirit airlines declared about the new non-stop route.

  • In this year, a route from Louis Armstrong International Airport will also commence.
  • Apart from the above routes, flights to Raleigh-Durham International Airport will also start. The starting date of this route was 2nd may.
  • From the New Orleans airport, many other direct flights have also started. New flights to the destinations like Austin, Colorado, Denver and Texas has also commenced.
  • Also, the flights to Philadelphia are new to the list.
  • Besides all the routes mentioned above, there are others too. First one is the non-stop direct flight from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to Cancun. Along with this, the flight will also fly to Mexico.
  • Second one is going to San Pedro Sula and Honduras. Both these routes were suppose to start last year but there was a delay in its operations due to spread of deadly corona virus.
  • Lastly, it is important to know that these flights will fly three times a week to Honduras and four times a week to Cancun.

So, at present, the total number of destination that spirit airlines offer from New Orleans is 20. However, This makes it possible for the flyers of different destinations to enjoy their best with the spirit airlines. There is no need to worry if there is a route to any particular destination or not.

Some Popular Routes Of Spirit Airlines New Orleans

Each airline has routes that most people fly to. There are routes that most flyers choose to fly with. So, the list below is some of those routes.

  • Detroit to New Orleans
  • Boston To New Orleans
  • Denver To New Orleans
  • New York To New Orleans
  • Charlotte To New Orleans
  • Tampa To New Orleans
  • Chicago To New Orleans
  • Atlanta To New Orleans
  • Dallas To New Orleans
  • Orlando To New Orleans
  • Houston To New Orleans
  • Philadelphia To New Orleans

So, This was the guide to Spirit Airlines New Orleans flights. If you are going to catch the flight for this route soon, you can use all the information to make your air travel even easier.


  • What terminal is Spirit airlines in new Orleans?
    Spirit airline uses 15 gates in Concourse C.
  • Can you bring your own food and drink on spirit flight?
    An individual can bring the food and drinks which they bought from the airport after the security check.
  • How many gates does New Orleans airport have?
    There are 35 gates at this airport and each airport has three concourses in each terminal.
  • What terminal does spirit uses at MSY?
    Spirit uses terminal 1 at MSY.