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Top-Notch Services At Turkish Airlines Business Class 

Turkish Airlines is known for the best business class services. Passengers are offered exceptional catering and excellent services. Turkish is one of the top-notch business class carriers known among travelers.

It offers incomparable food and beverages and a modern comfortable fully reclining seat. The hub of Turkish airlines is at the Istanbul airport. Turkish Airlines Business class passengers also get remarkable services like business class lounge access at the airport.

The business-class check-in process is smooth and quick. There is no kiosk at the business class check-in area unlike economy and other classes for passengers to get through with the process easily. The process is speedy and hardly takes 2 to 3 minutes.

 There’s a fast track option for security checks for business class passengers to improve their experience in Turkish Airlines. The business class lounge is the best part about traveling with Turkish Airlines. Passengers can eat, chill and relax at the super luxurious lounge at the airport. There are private showers and nap rooms for passengers to have their me time.

The cabin experience in Turkish Airlines is luxurious. Private comfortable seating, plenty of space for legroom. Passengers are provided toiletries and other items like a blanket, pillow slippers, lower, etc. for a comfortable flying experience. The seats have large entertainment screens along with noise cancellation headphones and a charging port. The entertainment system is excellent on Turkish Airlines flights.

Are Turkish Airlines Serving Food In Business Class?

Business-class passengers get a complete menu to select their dishes from. Welcome drinks are served to all the passengers. They can also select their choice of drinks from the menu from wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks, etc. The presentation and the quantity of food are decent and fresh. Turkish airlines have onboard chefs which makes them offer great quality food to the passengers.

Attendants and chefs listen to the passenger and provide meals up to their expectations.

business class passengers can pre-order their meals via the airline website or mobile app. The passengers can order up to 44 meals 48 hours before departure. You can also check the in-flight meals option online on the official site and select your meals from there.

Pre-order meals option is available on flights from Istanbul to Atlanta, Boston, Jakarta, Bangkok, Cape Town, Hanoi, Durban, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul, Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, Washington D.C., etc.

Meals for Turkish Airlines flights can be booked up to 48 hours before the flight departure.

Turkish Airlines business class offers dine-on-demand service on all intercontinental flights allowing passengers to choose when they want to dine and not eat when the service starts.

All the passengers on business class flights get welcome drinks and meal options from a wide variety of options available on the menu. The meals are prepared and served fresh. On selected international flights a chef is available in-flight to prepare the meals of passengers.

All the passengers get two proper meals and one snacks service on almost all the long-haul flights. Some famous Turkish offerings are also available on the flight such as Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, etc. are available for all the business class passengers.

For domestic flights, Turkish airlines business class passengers get welcome drinks and hot or cold dishes depending on the departure time of the day. Famous Turkish cuisine like shish kebab, mamti, karniyarik, and imambayild are some of the dishes on domestic flights of Turkish airlines.

Does Turkish Airlines Serve Food During Covid?

Like a lot of other airlines across the globe, Turkish airlines has updated its in-flight meals services. During the time of COVID, passengers cannot order special meals. As per the rules, in-flight catering sets are offer single-use products. Hot drinks are not served.

On flights with a duration of fewer than 2 hours, only water is offered to the economy and business class passengers.

On other flights, the passengers get a snack bag with a sandwich, juice, water, and cake or muffin. For long-haul flights, the passengers get an additional snack bag.

Is Turkish Airlines Business Class Good?

Turkish Airlines has one of the best services in business class. Turkish has improved its services for business class passengers at the airport which is a plus point. The process of check-in security checks and boarding is smooth and quick.

In-flight services in the Turkish Airlines business class cabin are commendable. From the level of comfort to the amenities and polite attendants. It can be a great experience flying with Turkish airlines.

The services were prompt and on time. Meals are served fresh and don’t take a long time to prepare. The seats are comfortable and spacious. Entertainment in business class flights is really good. The in-flight chefs pay close attention to the demand of passengers and prepare the food accordingly. Other amenities in flight are good and worth experiencing.

Traveling with Turkish airlines will make your journey special, comfortable and memorable. It is worth flying in the business cabin class of Turkish airlines to have a remarkable flight experience on your next journey.

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