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A person sometimes needs to make changes to their reservation at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, you can complete the adjustments via the turkish airlines manage my booking option. In addition, since many passengers choose this airline, the method for making changes is also straightforward.

By using the Turkish Airlines manage my booking tool, passengers can complete the modifications in no time. So, if you are a flyer who wants to know how to make any changes to your reservation, then the guide here will help you. 

How To Manage Turkish Airlines Flight: Step-By-Step Instructions

If you are an individual who is looking to complete the manage booking procedure, then the information below will help you. Furthermore, you have to follow some steps in the correct order to complete the manage booking procedure. However, as soon as these steps are followed in the right order, individuals will be able to make any modifications they want to their reservation. 

Please go through the steps below and find out what you need to follow to complete the Turkish Airlines manage my booking process.  

  • Firstly, open the web browser offer choice and then visit the official website of Turkish Airlines
  • As soon as the site opens up, find the option of “manage booking.” Remember, you will find this option on the home page of the official website. 
  • Furthermore, you need to click on the reservation you want to make the modifications in this step. 
  • Moreover, fill in the information related to your flight in this step. Make sure to check all the details that you enter here. Now, click on the ” confirm ” option once you complete all the modifications. 
  • Finally, you need to pay the fee set by Turkish Airlines to complete the manage booking procedure. Once you pay the fee, the required changes will be done in your booking. 

Modifications you can make via Turkish Airlines manage my booking- 

When individuals decide to make modifications to their booking, most of them get stressed and worried. This happens because they are unaware of the changes that they are eligible to make with the Turkish airline manage my booking option. However, if you are a flyer of this airline and have to make any changes in your reservation, you can make it in no time. From the information above, you learned about the procedure you need to follow for it. 

From the information below, you will know all about the changes you can make using the manage booking option direct Turkish Airlines offer. 

Get additional services 

Firstly, if you wish to add additional services to your existing reservation, you can use the Turkish Airlines manage my booking option. Individuals can request to add a new service to their reservations by visiting the official website of Turkish Airlines. 

Cancel reservation 

Furthermore, you are eligible to cancel your reservation by using the Turkish Airlines manage my booking option. There are situations when individuals have no other option except to cancel their bookings. So, if you have to cancel at the eleventh hour, you can do it easily with the manage booking tool. 

Make modifications 

Apart from other things, you are eligible to make changes like date, destination, etc., in your reservation with the manage booking option. Use the Turkish Airlines manage my booking option to make the changes you want. Many individuals want to make the changes once their bookings are finalized. So if you are one such individual, you can make the changes you wish to in your booking. 

Seat selection 

Moreover, select the seat of your choice using the manage booking option. If you are a flyer who realizes that you need to, then do it with this option. 


In addition to all the other services you receive using Turkish Airlines manage my booking option, you are eligible to ask for a refund also. People get ready stressed and want to know about their refund amount. So, if you’re going to request a refund, you can do it with a manage booking option. 


Can i change the flight date on turkish airlines?

Yes, you are eligible to change your date with this option. Furthermore, you need to visit the official website first and enter information like ticket number and your last name. Once you enter the correct information, you must follow these steps and complete the date change procedure.

When can I make the changes to my reservation?

You are eligible to make the changes till 24 hours before the departure time of your flight. So, if you make the changes within this time, you will complete the procedure hassle-free.

How To Request Change Seat In Turkish Airlines?

So many Flyers realize they need to change their seat after finalizing the booking. If you are one such individual who wants to change seat, you can do it with the manage booking option. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that getting the seat entirely depends on its availability. If the seat is available, you will be able to book it. Otherwise, you will have to stick to your old seat. 

How can I reschedule my flight ticket?

To reschedule your flight, go to the website where you booked it, and press the reschedule option. You’ll have to pay the difference. You can call an airline directly to reschedule, or you can call any flight portals directly.

What is the cancellation policy for Turkish Airlines?

The Turkish Airlines airlines reserve the right to change a 24-hour cancellation if it was made at least a week prior to the departure date of your flight.

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