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How Can I Get In Touch With Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world serving maximum destinations. It always prioritizes the needs of its passengers or guest. If you have decided to fly with Turkish Airlines, it is one of the smart moves to make while traveling.

If you ever require assistance, simply reach out at customer service and avail of the service. 

The customer service team is known for its outstanding services and providing immediate support. Guests are always welcome to reach out in need of support. You will be pleased with the assistance you will receive.

They are competent to handle and resolve all the matters that flyers may face. 

More about Customer service by Turkish Airline

  • customer service is capable of resolving queries related to reservations.
  • You may also contact for availing of various amenities and facilities to be added to your itinerary.
  • Customer service can also assist you with the cancellation and refund policies of Turkish Airlines. 
  • Reaching out through customer service also offers discounts and value for money package deals. 

Ways to Contact Customer Service

You may reach customer service anytime you need any help. There are various ways to reach the customer support team. Here are some of the most convenient and easiest ways to communicate with customer service. 

Through customer service

All passengers may raise their queries directly with the team. If you may visit the website, you will find all the available ways to communicate. However, connect through the official website is the best option you can get. The customer service responds within few hours. All solutions are highly effective. The customer support operates after a thorough check for the matter. Passengers report with satisfying feedback with their experiences with customer service. 

Avail answers, give feedback, resolve problems, and even more. They can help you process your requests. It is always suggested that if you are not facing any emergency matter, always try to connect through customer service to get a better view of the matter. Also, making a written request can be treated as evidence, if customer service fails to stand on its end. 

Through Turkish Airline Customer Service Phone Number

Guests requiring an immediate plan of action should approach through the customer service phone number. Dial the number to speak with an agent of the team. It is a toll-free number, so feel free to call as many times as required. Ain the attending agent about your concerning matter. They will surely provide you with instant solutions for all matters. 

How can I change my flight ticket date Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is very flexible with its change of flights or dates. Passengers can rely on the airline solely to travel at ease even if you have to make multiple changes. No other airline will offer you such a flexible change of date policy. You may rely on Turkish Airlines to travel hassle-free to any of its serving destinations, which is more than 300. These policies are the same for both Domestic and International travel. 

Flight Change Policy by Turkish Airline

  • Flyers may enjoy the flexibility to change the date, time, and route for travel. However it is limited- domestic flights cannot be changed into international trips. 
  • Passengers will have to pay the charges for the changes requested according to the travel route and class of travel. 
  • Turkish Airlines does not allow a change of date one hour before departure time. You may do it any time ahead of it.
  • Guests have an opportunity to make the changes within 24 hours from booking to be exempted from the change charges. Further, it has a boundation that the departure date should be beyond 7 days, otherwise you will have to bear the cost. 
  • For domestic travel, you may have to pay 20-40 euros and for international travel, it costs a minimum of $200. Also, a change of date within 12 hours from the departure time costs 30% of the total fare of the ticket. 

Ways to Make the Changes

In case, you still are confused with how can I change my flight ticket date Turkish Airlines?Then are the steps to follow-

  • Log in to “” the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Enter your credential to go to your account with Turkish Airlines.
  • Find Manage My Trips. Click on the Fights Change button. 
  • Select the trip or flight that you want to make changes with. Proceed by making all the changes you want. Change Date, time, route, or even the travel class. 
  • Select the flight that you want to make your reservation for. Make the additional payment for the changes, if applicable. And complete the procedure. 
  • The changes will be made and will be seen in your itinerary.  

Zero Change Fee Policy

In case, you are looking for a more flexible policy to make the changes, you may do so, with the Zero Change Fee Policy. In case you are wandering, then booking will be of great help for you. They will help you make the bookings as well as provide you with information about the same. 

Check out the Change to Open Ticket Feature by Turkish Airlines. It allows the guests to make a reservation and make free of cost changes. Passengers who are not sure about their trips can benefit the most. It has its terms and conditions to be followed. If you are considering to travel, but not definite about the date, you must surely try to reschedule through this feature. 

Terms and Conditions of the Policy

  • Flights can be rescheduled, but the route cannot be changed.
  • It can be used once, without charges for change being applicable.
  • The changes are mandatory to be made before the one hour from departure time. 
  • customer service is the best source to help you with the policy. Hence, without any hesitation, reach out. 

How do I get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

Another major question that customers repeatedly ask after the cancellation of a ticket or flight by the airline is regarding the refund. Turkish Airlines is very particular to provide the best for its passengers. Therefore, as a guest of the airline, for any reason, the flight may be canceled, and if you are eligible for a refund, you will surely receive a refund. 

Here are the available options and the time taken for a refund for each of them-

  • For Credit Cards

Reservations made using credit cards will receive their refund within 7 working days. Passengers can simply request through customer service and process the refund. It is extremely easy to get a refund through this method. The payment reverts through the same payment gateway. Hence, there are no additional formalities.

  • For Cash or Cheque

In case you have booked making cash or cheque payments, the refund may take longer. Usually, it takes 14-15 working days from the date of issuing the request. The flyer will have to get in touch with customer service through customer service or the phone number to provide details for the refund. Once, you complete the process, wait for the duly required time to complete the process. 

  • Refund in Voucher

Currently, Turkish Airline also offers vouchers with an additional 15% increase on the fare of the original ticket. You may use the voucher anytime you need to make reservations with Turkish Airlines. This voucher will be active for two years from the date of issuance. Hence, you may make the reservation any time before the expiry date.  

  • Refund in Miles

Turkish Airlines also offers refunds in miles. You may request your refund through customer service to be converted into your Miles&Smiles. Once, the refund is completed, you may make any use of them. The miles are converted based on the ticket value. Every 10 euros is converted into 1000 miles. And Miles&Smiles can be used in various ways, not just for making flights reservations. Hence, it is the best value for money deal to make.  

Contact Details for Customer Service:

Working Hours24×7.
Average Response Time10 hours.
Phone Number800-874-8875
Working Hours24×7.
Average Response Time4 minutes.
Best Calling Hours9:30 am
Human Support Availability?Yes.
Call-Back Availability?No.

Passengers may always seek support and have queries. And they all have one-stop fix- customer service always. Reach out to avail some of the amazing deals, offers and resolve all concerning matters instantly.