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Name Change on United Airlines Flight Ticket Explained.

Did you make a mistake in your name while making the booking & Looking for United Airlines Change Name on Ticket? Sometimes people unintentionally misspell their name on the ticket. If you are one such flyer who chose United Airlines for reaching your destination but entered the wrong name on your ticket. Then there is nothing to worry because United Airlines is there to provide the solution for all the queries and problems their Flyers face. United Airlines Name Change policy is set for people to change their name if needed.  

Moreover, the procedure that united airline has set up for the name change is very simple. But it is important that first an individual get to know about the policy of the same. So, first let us start by having a look at the policy of united airline name change in detail.  

What is United Airlines Name Change Policy?

Before any flower head to know about the procedure they need to follow for changing the name on their ticket. It is important that they are aware of its policy in detail. At times people enter the wrong name on their ticket and they later on feel stressed about the same but or one can easily find out the solution of the same if they have enough information. 

Furthermore, a proper set of rules and policy is set up by United Airlines associated with the name change on ticket. No matter what changes you want to make in association with the name you must have the knowledge of this policy first. So, through the points given below you will get to know about this policy in much more depth. 

Change the title or the prefix of the name or make any edit do it.   
For editing the spelling of the passenger’s name   
Add in or remove the middle name of the flyer   
Making the changes in the last name of the flyer   
In case the one has mentioned their nickname on the ticket or vice versa   
Lastly in case any individual wants to change or edit the flyers first and last name backward.      

Terms and Conditions Required to Change the Name 

In addition to knowing about the name change policy, there are some other important terms and conditions one need to know. It is important to go through these terms and conditions in advance so that one does not face any issues later on. To complete the United airlines name change procedure one needs to meet the following criteria. Find out about all these through the table given below. 

First and foremost, remember that your flight is operated by the United airlines.   
Furthermore, if an individual has the codeshare or interline agreement flight then one can proceed to go ahead to request for name change only for the United segment.   
Moreover, an individual is eligible only one reissue per ticket according to the name change correction the rules laid by United Airlines.   
Furthermore, the ticket inventory should start with 016.   
In addition to this it is important to know that if an individual decide to do any additional name changes or correction then finally it is counted under the name change policy. And the flyer has to pay United Airlines name change fee or charges. 
As per the United Airlines name change policy, the passenger is not eligible for not making any changes in case of time fair class or date of your flight. 
Moreover, United Airlines allows to make the changes once per individual or ticket. As an individual decide to make any additional change then they have to pay the further charges. 
If any flyer made some minor mistake to make the date of birth, then one can do it.  
An individual can make the changes in the name only if their name match exactly with the government issued photo ID provided by them at the time of making the booking.  
Furthermore, an individual cannot go ahead to change the gender of the passenger according to the United airline name change policy.   
united airlines change name on ticket

United Airlines Change Name on Ticket – Step By Step Guide

After knowing about all the terms and conditions and other information related to the name change now it is important to know about the procedure that one need to follow for changing the name. The steps set by the airline is simple and thus each flyer can follow them with ease. Follow the steps given below in the same order to complete the united airlines name change procedure. 

  • Firstly, open your web browser. 
  • Now visit the official website of United Airlines. 
  • Open up my as soon as the site opens up you need to look for the option of “my trips”. Click this option and then you will become eligible for editing or changing your itinerary. 
  • Here fill it up your confirmation number in addition to the last name of the passenger. 
  • After entering the information, people can now make the required changes in this step. Make all the changes you want to in this step.  
  • Moreover, it might be possible that the passenger has to pay some fee or charges for the name change. So, pay that amount here. 
  • Once you are done with making all the changes, save all the changes in this step. 
  • Lastly, after you save the changes, the airline will send you the updated booking on your registered mail id.  

United Airlines Name Change fees and Charges

One of the most asked questions by the Flyers of United Airlines is related to the charges or the fee. They need to pay for the name change procedure. It is very obvious to worry or stress about the amount that one need to pay. But as each one of us is aware that United Airlines understands and caters to the needs of his flyers. So, they do not pay any huge amount as the charges for name change.

Through the points given below you will get to know about the charges or the fee you need to pay. The fee for completing the United airlines name change procedure differs in different situations. So, find out about it from the information given below. 

Firstly, if an individual decides to make the changes in the name within 24 hours of buying it then they need to pay the fee of $75. This is because the United airline have to rebook the ticket in the existing or the lower class. So, an individual has to pay the fare difference in this case.   
  Furthermore, if the 24 hours window passes and then the individual decides to change the name on their ticket then they have to pay the fee of $200 per flyer. Also remember that an individual can make the changes in their name up to two hours before the departure of flight.     

Travel Guide – What Do Most People look for on this topic? 

Can I change the name on the international united airline ticket? 

According to the united airlines name change policy an individual is eligible for changing their name no matter what travel class trip type or fare type they have chosen for their booking. But it is important to keep in mind that an individual is eligible for changing the name only till two hours prior the departure of the flight. 

What are the ways set by United Airlines for the name change? 

To make the name change procedure easy for all the passenger’s united airlines have set up various ways. Firstly, an individual can go ahead to complete the name change procedure online itself by visiting the official site. One can complete this process by just sitting at their homes.

Secondly, if any individual is not comfortable in completing this process via the online way then they can use the United airline number for the same. You need to find the united airline number on the official site of this airline and use it for getting in touch with the travel representative. 

In what cases do I need to present the documents for the name change? 

There are certain situations in which United Airlines has made it compulsory for all the passengers to present the concerned documents. These situations are given below. If you have to make the name change because of the following conditions then you need to present the documents accordingly. 

  • In case of Divorce
  • In case of Marriage

Remember that in such situations and individual needs to present the documents which presents both current and former name. 

This was a detailed guide on United Airlines name change policy. In addition to knowing about its policy the passengers will also find other additional and important information. So make your name change procedure hassle free by relying on the information given here.