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Due to the fast-paced and busy lifestyle which we live in the current times, changes to our travel plans are bound to happen.

Other personal or professional obligations do get in the way and stop us from going on our next vacation.

If you have already booked a United Airlines flight, you might be looking for other options such as transferring the ticket to another person.

This can help you make use of that ticket and not lose your hard-earned money.

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It is important to note that most major airlines do not provide their customers with the ability to transfer their tickets to another potential passenger. The only difference is that some airlines will be more sparing than the others regarding their cancellation policy so that the passenger can get their invested money back. Here’s what you need to know about United’s policy regarding the transfer of tickets.

Can I transfer my United Airlines ticket to another person?

United is well-known for its customer-friendly policies. However, the airline is strict regarding ticket transfers. United Airlines does not allow the transfer of tickets to another person. This is done for the safety of co-passengers. Any ticket transfer increases the risk of having any phony passengers on board the flight.

The only exception to this no-transfer rule is when the passenger purchases a transferable ticket. The transferable tickets have a much higher cost attached to them. These tickets do allow the passenger to transfer the ticket to another person. However, the cost of a transferable ticket is higher than simply making a new booking.

Transferable & Non Transferable tickets

So what exactly are transferable and also non-transferable tickets? A transferable ticket, as stated earlier allows the passenger to switch themselves with another passenger. The new passenger can take a flight under the same booking. The reason these transferable tickets cost much more is due to the cost of the ticket and the cost of transferring it being combined. Hence, the passenger is suggested to make a completely new booking instead of opting for a transferable ticket in order to save money.

Talking about a non-transferable ticket, your standard United Airlines ticket is considered a non-transferable ticket as it cannot be transferred to another passenger under any circumstances. Most of the major airlines offer non-transferable tickets and the same is the case with United Airlines. 

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United Airlines Transfer Ticket Alternatives

So, you might be wondering, what other options do you have if you cannot transfer your ticket to another person? Let’s go through the possible alternatives one by one.

United Airlines 24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy

If you will not be able to take the flight you have booked and cannot transfer your ticket to another person, the best alternative is to simply make a cancellation of the ticket and receive your refund in time. According to the United Airlines 24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy, a passenger can make changes to their reservations without having to pay any applicable change fees if they do so within 24 hours from the time of making the booking. Also, another condition is that the ticket must have been bought at least 7 days or more prior to the flight’s scheduled departure date.

Other major guidelines for 24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy:

  • Tickets that were purchased through the usage of e-certificates are not eligible.
  • If you have purchased the ticket with a combination of money and miles, your ticket isn’t eligible for the 24-Hour Flexible Booking Policy.
  • The policy is applicable for tickets booked via the official website of United Airlines, United’s airport ticket counters, United City ticket office, or via the customer contact center.

Note: If you have chosen a Basic Economy ticket, you will not be eligible for making changes to your reservations. Although, you can still get a refund if you make your cancellation within the 24-hour period limit.

More details on the refund policy are provided below.

United Airlines Refund Policy Overview

The customers of United Airlines are eligible for receiving a refund for any fare which will allow it. As talked about earlier, if you are carrying a United Airlines Basic Economy ticket you can receive a full refund if the cancellation is made within 24 hours from the time of making the original booking. As for the cancellation fee, it is charged on the basis of which fare the passenger has purchased.

Most of the fares of United Airlines are non-refundable fares for which you can’t receive a refund. You will be provided the option to use the value of the same ticket for making a booking in the future. The value of the ticket is valid for use on a future booking for a 12 months period after which it will expire.

The customers can visit ‘My Trips’ on United’s website to cancel their flight tickets and successfully receive a refund.


The airline doesn’t let you transfer the ticket to another person. It makes up for it by the much lenient cancellation and refund policy. We advise you that you prioritize refundable tickets during the purchase. It gives you more options to tackle any unforeseen situations that stop you from taking the flight in the future. You can contact United Airlines customer service and get guidance from the experts in this department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make changes to my name on the ticket?

A. Yes, making minor changes to your name such as spelling errors is allowed. Major changes will require documentation proof.

Q. Can I Change my ticket name with someone else?

A. No. Changing your name with someone else on a United Airlines ticket is strictly prohibited.

Q. Do the passengers receive a full refund?

A. United will refund your ticket, but they may keep 10% of the fare amount.

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