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How Do I Contact United Airlines Customer Service?

There are very few airlines that care about the passengers the way United Airlines do. We hear from a lot of passengers that whenever they fly with United, they have a splendid experience. If you are interested in booking flights one of the easiest ways to do that is through reservations. This is their link to the official website.

If you are curious about booking flights and how to contact the customer service, with them as well and are curious about them you have come to the right place. This blog will cover all your doubts with deep insight into the airline’s workings.

Why do we suggest booking flights on reservations?

There is a myriad of ways you can get reservations done with United. Let’s give you a brief idea. You can book your tickets through their website or their official app. The app works on both iOS and Android smartphones. These two methods come under offline ways of making reservations.

You have the liberty to book a flight in several other ways. Also visit your nearby airport and get a reservation done. You can call the airlines on their reservations number and get assistance or you can contact the third party to help with reservations. All these methods are great in their own ways but if there is a competition on who wins the trophy for best preservation method, it is booking flights through reservations.

Booking your flight through the website comes with plenty of perks. The process is simple. All your personal details are kept confidential so nothing leaks to the outsiders. You get amazing offers and limited deals that are accessible only through the website.

The website gives you options to switch to a language and location you prefer, thus saving time. The mechanics that gone into designing the website make it an easier experience for users. All your commands are processed in a minimum number of clicks.

Easiest process to book your flights through reservations

We live in an era where everyone wants everything instantly, be it instant noodles or instant flight reservations. There is no wonder why people opt for reservations every time they want to fly with United. Let’s break down the entire reservation process in easy steps.

Go to the website, and look for the reservation page or directly type the link reservations.

All the required tabs for reservation are available on the home page itself. Look at the left of the page and you will find the “Book” tab. That is your flight bookings tab. Click on it.

Select the “Flights” tab. You will be asked to enter some details next. Enter the details incorrect order.

Make sure you enter the correct city or IATA codes in Destination and Departure Locations. Carefully enter your travel dates, how many passengers are traveling, and if there are any infants or children aged 2-12 who are traveling with you. If you have a minor traveling with you, keep it a point to mention that to the airlines beforehand.

United offers four travel classes- Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First. Pick the one you find suitable for you and select the kind of trip you are planning to take- one way or round trip.

If you do have a particular date on the agenda, you can go for the “Flexible Dates” option. When you select this option, the airline locates the flights that are operating around that time and gives you all possible options.

One perk of booking flights through reservations is the liberty to use your Mileage Plus points.

How to contact customer service when you face an issue with reservations?

Reaching out to the airlines’ customer support is one of the easiest tasks you can do. Why? Because there are plenty of options so everyone gets their chance. The favorite way among passengers has been calling the airlines. But sometimes all the representatives of united are busy and cannot connect with you. In those times you can opt for other ways such as through e-mail or their exclusive Live Chat option.

A lot of young travelers like to connect with the airlines by reaching out to them via their social media ids. We have heard that the airline is highly active on Twitter and Instagram. A lot of passengers either drop a personal message to their Twitter or just tag them in their comments.

Let’s try to understand these ways in detail;

Via phone number

United has provided a toll-free number, 1800-UNITED ( 1800 864 8331) for all the passengers residing in the U.S.A. Once you dial the number you are asked to press certain numbers for certain tasks.

check your flight status, press 1.

book flights, press 2.

If you have a query about your previous reservations that were either booked via reservations or not, press 3.

If you are a Mileage Plus member and want to know the status of the points press 4.

Via e-mail

The airline gives you an option to connect with them through their e-mail option. It’s an easy process. Visit the website,, and go to their “Contact us” option.

Click on their e-mail option and you will be directed to their e-mail services page.

Via customer service number

Every department of the airline is given a specific number so that you never have to wait for longer than necessary.

If you need to contact customer service directly, there is a number just for that. Dial 180 864 8331 and get in touch with a representative.

Via live chat

The airline exclusive has a Live Chat option on its website. You can get solutions to your problem in real life. All you have to do is open the website, look for the Live Chat option.

Start the conversation by mentioning your name and your registered e-mail id. The representative on the other end will take care of your problems. The timings of the Live Chat option are 9 am -8;30 pm (Eastern Time)

Via social media:

Find out the official ids of United on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. Either message them privately or tag them in your posts.

United Airlines Contact Information:

Website link for reservations
Customer Care800-864-8331
United Reservation1-800-864-8331
Best Time To Dial3:15 PM
Current Wait20 Min
An alternative method to contactWeb, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram