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Volaris Airlines understands that the passenger’s travel plans can change. An unexpected requirement to change their flight can come up at any time. The airline not only allows passengers to change their flight date and destination but also offers an unlimited change option. Before you change your itinerary, go through the guidelines issued under Volaris Flight Change Policy. Details on the policy, flight change process, and fee are provided below.

For an instant flight change, speak to our booking experts at Flight Change Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7). 

Flight Change Policy of Volaris Airlines

The flight change policy of Volaris Airlines provides details on the eligibility of making a flight change request. The eligibility can vary depending on the fare type purchased and the availability of an alternate flight.

When can I Change my Volaris Flight?

  • Passengers must request flight change up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • No flight change will be allowed once the check-in is done and the boarding pass has been issued.
  • The flight change can be done only when the full payment for the reservation has been made. Partially paid bookings are not eligible for a flight change.

What changes can I make to my Volaris Flight? 

  • Passengers can change the date of travel.
  • They can also re-route the flight by requesting a destination change.
  • When you are changing the flight route, you won’t be eligible to change the country of origin.
  • If you have booked a round trip and the outbound flight has departed, only the date and time of the returning flight can be changed.
  • If you change your flight through the website, the changes will be applied to all the passengers on the reservation. 
  • Apart from changing dates and destinations of travel, Volaris also allows cancellations, name changes, and seat changes, among other booking modification options.

Can I Change my Volaris Flight on the Departure Day (Same-Day Flight Change Option)?

Volaris does offer the same-day flight change option. Although, the option is not available for long-haul flights. A same-day flight change refers to changing a flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. In order to be eligible to change their flight on the same day, passengers must arrive at the airport early and request the change once check-in begins.

If a seat is available on the earlier or later flight, your booking shall be shifted to that particular flight. If the seat is not yet available, Volaris will put you on Standby and confirm the same-day flight change once a seat gets vacant. 

How many times can I Change my Volaris flight? 

If you have made a standard reservation, you can change the date, time, and destination of your flight only once without an additional fee. However, if your booking includes the Flexibility Combo add-on, you can make unlimited date & time changes for free. More details on Flexibility Combo are below:

About Flexibility Combo (Unlimited Changes To Itinerary)

If you are not sure about the certainty of your travel plans, you can get the Flexibility Combo add-on. There is no set limit to date & time changes if your Volaris booking includes the Flexibility Combo. Terms & Conditions are listed below:

  • The Flexibility Combo won’t be applicable for a route change (destination change).
  • More than one change can be made without paying the flight change fee.
  • No fare difference shall be required to be paid.
  • The Flexibility Combo also does not cover changing the passenger’s name on the ticket.

What to do if Volaris Airlines Changed my Flight?

No airline is immune to technical errors or unfavorable weather conditions. Under certain circumstances, Volaris may change your flight automatically. If the new flight does not suit you, simply request Volaris to rebook you again on a flight with a different date or time. Alternatively, you can cancel the booking and Volaris shall provide a full refund. 

If your changed flight results in an arrival delay of more than 3 hours, Volaris shall provide you a delay compensation.

What happens if Volaris Cancels my Flight?

If Volaris has involuntarily canceled your flight, you will be automatically rebooked on the next flight. In case the rebooking is not done automatically, you can do it yourself online (via website) or offline (via phone call). If no alternate flight suits you, ask the airline for a refund. In certain cases, you can also get involuntary flight cancellation compensation.

How much will I have to pay for a Flight Change? 

Flight change can be paid or without any charges depending on factors such as your ticket type, the destination you are flying to, and the time of the request. The fee also varies for national and international routes. Details on Volaris’ flight change fee are listed below:

  • Flight Change Fee for Domestic Routes:
    • $40 if requested 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled departure.
    • $50-$55 if requested on the day of departure.
  • Flight Change Fee for International Routes:
    • $75 if requested 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled departure.
    • $100 if requested on the day of departure.
  • Routes Between Central America:
    • $58 if requested 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled departure.
    • $80-$85 if requested on the day of departure.
  • Flight change is free with Flexibility Combo.

Fare difference shall also be charged (except for Flexibility Combo) if your new flight costs more than the original booking. 

How to Change the Date or Destination of a Volaris Flight?

You can change the date or destination of your Volaris flight through the airline’s official website. The website offers a Manage Booking facility. It gives you all the options to modify your booking. Follow the process below to change your Volaris flight’s date, time, or destination:

  • Visit
  • Click on My Trips/Check-in
  • Fill in the required booking details and click on the ‘Go To My Trips’ button.
  • Select the ‘Change Your Flight’ option.
  • Choose the flight you wish to change.
  • Select the following: Desired travel date, origin airport, and destination airport.
  • Choose the new flight.
  • You can also add any special services you may require for the flight.
  • Make the payment to confirm the flight change.

Volaris will send you the flight change confirmation via email. Further changes can be made via Manage Booking again.

What to do if you can’t change a Volaris Flight?

Can’t change your Volaris flight? We’ve got you covered. For assistance with flight change and other booking modifications, contact our reservations experts at Flight Change Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7). Once your call gets connected, make the flight change request and provide your booking details to the live assistant. You can also get answers to any other queries you might be having regarding your Volaris Airlines flight booking.

Can I Change Passenger’s Name on a Volaris Flight Ticket?

Passengers can change or correct their names on a Volaris flight ticket. However, they must follow these guidelines for a name change request: 

  • The name change option is only available up to 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • The name change request can only be made via a phone call.
  • Volaris can charge you a maximum of $400 for a name change. However, under certain circumstances, you may be able to change the passenger’s name on the ticket free of cost.
  • The name change should only be done to match the name on the passenger’s travel documents.
  • Name Change is not allowed if:
    • The booking was made using the Volaris electronic credit.
    • Passengers did not show up for a segment of their flight.
    • The name change is done to transfer the ticket to another passenger.

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