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Know All About What Is United Airlines Economy Plus And Reasons To Upgrade

Comfort while traveling is something people enjoy. If someone is traveling in economy and they got some budget stretch they will opt for economy plus because of the features and benefits that come along with it. Traveling becomes more fun and enjoyable with the benefits that come along with United Airlines’ economy plus cabin class. It brings more comfort with added features to it that make it price worth and most chosen cabin class by the passengers of United Airlines. Here in this blog, you’ll learn about features of the United economy plus, benefits, and the reasons why people are getting attracted to book the United airlines economy plus than the basic economy class.

What is United Airlines Economy Plus? 

Economy plus in United Airlines is a better version of economy class. It offers extra legroom, wider seats, and better than other economy seats.

  • Extra legroom makes it more comfortable and makes it easy to work or relax. It has up to 6 inches more legroom.
  • The economy plus seats are in the starting row of the economy cabin.
  • The seats are comfortable enough for passengers to bend down and get stuff from the bags under the seat.
  • The passengers traveling with an economy ticket can upgrade to economy plus at the check-in counter.
  • The economy plus seats are available on all united airlines flights and most of the United airlines express flights.  
  • To check the fare differences passengers can make a dummy booking and go to the seat selection step and see the difference.
  • Economy plus flights are not as luxurious but they are decent for the affordable price.
  • The economy plus seats are in the main cabin with the added comfort of extra legroom and wider seats at times.
  • The seats are in the starting making it easy to board and de-board the plane.

Benefits of United Airlines Economy Plus 

  • Economy plus seats are more comfortable than other main cabin seats.
  • Passengers of the economy plus can easily get priority boarding because of the front-line seats.
  • There’s more space to relax or work.
  • Bags can be kept and easily stowed from under the seat because of more legroom.
  • It is a great option for taller travelers.
  • The headrest and recline make the seating more comfortable for the passengers.
  • Entertainment screens are also there for passengers to enjoy movies or TV shows.
  • Charging ports are also there on every seat for the passengers to keep their devices charged.
  • Short flights offer decent meals and long haul flights have dinner, snacks, and breakfast. Wine and beer are also served complimentary.
  • Short route flights also have hot food available to purchase.

Why United Airlines Economy Plus is Worth Upgrading? 

There are a lot of benefits in the economy plus United Airlines just by paying a little price. Passengers get several services just by paying a little extra amount. Extra legroom and comfort are offered in the premium economy class of united airlines. It is absolutely worth it to pay some extra amount and avail extra comfort, especially on the long haul flights. Economy passengers can even upgrade to the economy plus last moment at the check-in counter. However, the seats are subject to availability.

For passengers who are tall and the passengers who have babies along, it is easier for them to put the baby bag under the seat rather than the overhead bin. It is easy to access due to the more legroom. The middle seat passenger can go to the washroom without disturbing other passengers because of the extra legroom. Charging ports, entertainment screens, and other benefits make it worth it to upgrade to economy plus and experience a more relaxed flight with United airlines.

Economy Plus vs Premium Economy vs Economy

When it comes to the amount of luxury offered, Economy Plus is not as remarkable as Premium Economy. On the other hand, the services provided in Economy Plus are great considering their affordability. Economy plus is also a part of the main class cabin instead of having the cabin separation like Premium Economy. Despite the lack of cabin separation in Economy Plus, you get more legroom and good quality seats that are wider and plusher.

So what’s the seat difference between Economy Plus and Economy Class? The width of Economy seats is 17.3 inches and the legroom is about 31 inches. With Economy Plus you get the same seat width of 17.3 inches but the legroom is increased to 37 inches. Economy Plus also offers more seat recline (2 inches more than that of Economy).

Economy Plus Subscriptions

United Airlines offers Economy Plus subscriptions that are definitely worth considering. The subscription begins at $599. Is the Economy Plus subscription worth it? With this subscription, you will get the ability to get your seats reserved. You will benefit from this subscription instead of having to buy your Economy Plus seats individually. Simply get your booking done now and get the subscription before your flight to switch to an economy plus seat. In the United States, the Economy Plus subscription is available except in Alaska and Hawaii.


  • Who can book united airlines economy plus seating? 
    Normal economy class passengers can only book united airlines economy plus at the check-in counter subject to availability. Otherwise, the advance access to economy plus seating is only available to premium silver, premium gold, and premium platinum members.
  • From where to book economy plus of united airlines? 
    The economy plus seats can be purchased through the official site of united airlines or the united app and by calling on the customer support of united airlines. It can also be purchased while checking in online through the official site or app and while check-in in at the airport counter.
  • Can a passenger hold a basic economy ticket purchase economy plus? 
    Yes, all economy class passengers including the mileage plus premium members can upgrade to economy plus in united airlines.
  • What all flights have economy plus seating? 
    All the united Airlines’ flights and united airlines express flights have economy plus seating available.
  • Are economy plus seats refundable if not needed?
    No economy plus seats are non-refundable on United airlines flights.
  • Are economy plus seats refundable on cancellation? 
    Yes, the economy plus seats are refundable on cancellations.
  • If economy plus was purchased but the passenger was not accommodated in the economy plus seat?
    If the passenger purchases an economy plus seating and was not accommodated the seat due to unavailability they are provided a refund after the flight departure.
  • What happens to the economy plus if my flight was canceled or scheduled change? 
    In case of involuntary changes like rebooking due to cancellation, the passenger is accommodated to the economy plus of the rebooked flight, and if not the refund is done after the flight departure.