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Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly? Some Cheap Destinations of Alaska Airlines 

Traveling sparks excitement in people. It adds a purpose to live, a purpose to explore the unexplored and spend time in beautiful places. Money can’t buy happiness but something you can pay to travel and have the best time of your life, considered as the happiest activity right? Here, you’ll learn ways to save money while traveling to beautiful destinations and know about Where Does Alaska Airlines Fly.

Traveling is something that makes everyone feel refreshed. It is always a good idea to take a break and travel to a beautiful destination to spend quality time with your loved ones. Fun and adventure activities light up the mood and the person thrives for more adventure. Travel therapy is the easiest yet the most effective one. Save money and travel because the money will come back time won’t.

You’ll learn about the cheap destinations Alaska airlines is currently operating flights to. The affordable vacation packages to cheap destinations and a lot more. Basically, everything to make your vacation memorable, budget-friendly, and the best one in a long time.

Top Affordable Destinations of Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines has flights to 115 destinations having more than 1500 flights daily. It serves the passengers on all the flights with the best services and in-flight experience.

Affordable Destinations is Where does Alaska Airlines Fly!

  • Los Angeles to San Jose- $32
  • Seattle to Phoenix- $32
  • San Francisco to Los Angeles- $32
  • San Jose to Los Angeles- $32
  • Las Vegas to Seattle- $37
  • Oakland to Seattle- $37
  • San Diego to Sacramento- $37
  • Seattle to Las Vegas- $37
  • Seattle to Oakland- $37
  • Seattle to San Francisco- $37
  • Seattle to San Jose- $37
  • San Jose to Seattle- $37
  • Oakland to Portland- $42
  • San Francisco to Las Vegas- $42
  • San Jose to Spokane- $42
  • Austin to Los Angeles- $47
  • Austin to San Jose- $42
  • Denver to Portland- $47
  • Portland to San Jose- $47
  • Phoenix to San Francisco- $47
  • San Diego to Austin- $47
  • San Jose to Austin- $47
  • San Jose to Portland- $47
  • Sacramento to Portland- $47
  • Fresno to Los Angeles- $49
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco- $49
  • Portland to San Francisco- $49
  • Reno to Los Angeles- $49
  • Reno to Seattle- $49
  • Santa Barbara to San Diego- $49

Best Destinations to Spend your Weekends with Alaska Airlines

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is filled with glamour, beaches, and epic designer buildings. Known for its beauty and things to do including the celebrity obsession at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Sunset Boulevard, shopping and roaming around Rodeo Drive, and soaking the sun at Venice Beach. Explore the best of Santa Monica on bikes or take a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood to make your trip worth a while.

San Francisco

Spend the ideal summers in San Francisco on the hills or exploring the iconic beauty of the city. Enjoy hiking on the hills or take a cable car. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf or other top attractions in the city including beautiful museums.


Known for its green beauty, Seattle is a beautiful vacation destination preferred by people to enjoy sunny summers around the water bodies. Enjoy the best adventures in Seattle like biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boating, etc. For beer lovers, Boho Fremont is a must-visit place. The beautiful views in Seattle get the visitors hooked.


If you thrive about history of places, Boston is your place to visit. It has beautiful attractions and monuments to visit. The Boston Public Garden was the first Botanical Garden in the U.S. Museum lovers would love Boston to another level for its variety of Museums. Fresh sea food is another specialty of Boston.

New York

New York is known for its modern museums, city parks, Highline. Modern art and scenic beauty. There are top attractions of the city people love visiting. It is one of the famous destinations where Alaska airlines have flights. Beautiful scenery and picturesque views make New York city famous and most visited.


Chicago is known for its beautiful beaches and perfect weather. People enjoy watersports, sunbathing, etc. when in Chicago. There are music concerts, public art, and stunning neighborhoods to explore. Spend a relaxing time in Chicago at the beach and having the best food at the famous restaurants in Chicago.

Beach Destinations of Alaska Airlines 

With the number of destinations that Alaska Airlines has flights to, what are the top beach destinations where does Alaska airlines fly?

There are a number of top beach destinations that Alaska Airlines has operating flights to:-

  • San Diego
  • Los Angles
  • San Francisco
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • San Lucas
  • Honolulu
  • San Jose

What to do if you wish to visit a destination that is not in your budget? 

Don’t be disappointed by seeing a destination not in your budget today. Here are a few tips that will help you plan a budgeted holiday to your dream destination at affordable fares with Alaska airlines.

  • Avoid visiting that particular destination during the peak season. Instead, fly during the low season months.
  • Go on the official website of Alaska Airlines and check flights for different dates and mark the dates that are cheaper compared to other dates.
  • Look for discounts and offers.
  • Do not make reservations on weekends.
  • Choose the cheapest day of the week to make flight bookings which are mostly Tuesday.
  • Flying on weekends would cost you higher, avoid traveling during weekends.
  • If you can’t find direct flights under your budget, book connecting flights.
  • Use miles or reward points to make flight bookings and you’ll save money.
  • Book your flights in the basic economy class.
  • Limit your baggage to not pay an extra baggage fee.
  • Carry your own food in flight to save spending on in-flight meals.
  • Make bookings in advance at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to the departure.