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Learn from flight experts how to check your flight status on

There are a lot of processes that come with booking flights such as managing your bookings and checking your flight status. If you are dealing with issues about checking your flight status, we are here to help you. This blog will help you navigate through flight status and how to use the flight tracker tools as well. Keep on reading.

Plenty of ways to check your flight status on flight status

Southwest is a passenger-friendly airline, everyone knows that. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that one of their many ways to show LUV is to offer two ways to check your flight status. Some of these ways are accessed by visiting flight status. These are called online ways since you will have to visit the website. You can check the status either by route or by the flight number. The other way is to simply call the airline

The processes for both of the online ways to check flight status are fairly simple. We would like to point out a few things that will make the process even easier. First thing is to save your flight number somewhere safe because you will need that. The second is to not waste a lot of time. Try to check the flight status at least 10 minutes before the departure (more on that later).

How to search flight status by route

The first thing you need to do is visit flight status. The flight status page will appear in front of you. The first option is checking the flight status by route. All you have to do is fill in the details asked and you are good to go. So, first, enter your departure city or airport code. Airport code is a unique code given to each airport. No two airport codes can be the same. Suppose your departure city is Los Angeles and the airport you will be departing from is Las Angeles International Airport, then you can either enter the city name or you can enter the airport code for Las Angeles Airport which is LAX. Either option will work.

In the next column enter your arrival city or airport code. Let’s say you will be arriving in New York City and the airport will be John F Kennedy International Airport. You can either enter the name of the city or the airport code for John F Kennedy International Airport which is JFK.

Next, enter your departure date. The format is Day- Day of the week/ Month/Date/Year. So for example your departure date is August 15, then you will enter Sunday, Aug 15, 2021.

The last thing you need to enter is your flight number. Remember we mentioned keeping it safe. This is what we were talking about. Enter the flight number you will be departing on. Click Search and the website link flight status will direct you to your schedule.

How to search flight status by flight number

When you visit flight status and the flight status page opens in front of you, the second option to check flight status is searching by your flight number.

It is a simple step, just enter your flight number. Double-check it to make sure there are no errors. The flight number or booking number (do not get confused) is the number that is sent to you either by SMS or by e-mail when your reservation is confirmed.

If you don’t know where to look for your booking number, check the SMS you must have received from the airlines when you booked the flight. You can also find it in the e-mail. Southwest sends e-mail and SMS as soon as the booking is confirmed.

Locate the number and type it in the space provided. Enter the “Search” tab and you will be directed to the flight status page.

If somehow the link status is not working or is not accepting your commands, you can contact the airlines and tell them your issue.

Other ways to check your Southwest flight status other than status

Sometimes, the website experiences a lot of traffic, especially during the sale time on the Southwest website. The website gets slower and it becomes hard to navigate your way through it.

To handle those times Southwest has offered other ways to check your flight status. You can call the airlines on 1800-I-FLY-SWA which is 1800-435-9792. The number is specifically given to handle flight status issues.

When your call is directed to a representative, request the person to search for the flight status. You will be asked to mentions some details to him/her such as the flight number and departure dates etc. Make sure you do not give the wrong details.

You can check the flight status of your Southwest meeting at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight. Any later than that and you will miss the chance. Make sure you do not miss the time window.

What if you do not have your booking number? What to do then

If you did go to status but forgot your booking number or flight number, do not worry. You can still work your way through this.

First, you need to find the booking number. Check the e-mail address you have registered with Southwest. Then check your inbox of the e-mail address. You will find the booking number there.

You can also retrieve the flight number by going on the website and entering your first name and last name.

You can also get in touch with the representative and tell them your concern. They will probably ask for the credit card details from which you made the purchase.

These were the ways to navigate through flight status and check your travel itinerary. Now go ahead and try it on your own.