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What if my baggage was damaged or lost?

We get a lot of passengers asking us about what to in a damaged or lost baggage issue. If you or know someone who has had faced the same issue with Spirit Airlines, you have come to the right place. This blog will cover Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy and how to navigate around Let’s get started.

For assistance with bag claims, talk to experts at Bag Claim Helpline Number: +1-888-365-2014 (available 24/7).

Claim Your Bag

First, understand the baggage policy of Spirit Airlines

The baggage policy of Spirit is slightly different from other airlines. This is because the airline is an ultra-low-cost airline and this is how it continues to provide the cheapest flight fares. A lot of American airlines tend to allow carry-on and personal items for no additional charge but with Spirit, passengers have to pay a fee on every checked baggage and carry-on. The passengers can carry one personal item which includes a small purse for no additional charge.

The airline incurs charges on oversized and overweight baggage. If you do not want to pay these charges, make conscious efforts to make sure your baggage does not fall into an overweight and oversized category.

For information on lost or damaged baggage, please visit The link is designed to keep track of all the actions happening to retrieve the baggage and look for accurate compensation.

How to navigate Spirit Airlines Baggage Service Portal on

Like we mentioned Spirit Airlines takes measures on their part to track lost baggage and in case of damaged baggage, provide accurate compensation. If you want to know are the steps to navigate around the baggage portal, keep on reading.

Visit Spirit Airlines Baggage Service Portal. This is the portal where you can submit your complaint and inform the airlines about your current baggage issue. Now there are two ways to reach the portal, either you can take the help of a third party who specializes in baggage tracking or you can visit and find your way to the portal.

Once on the page, you will find that you are asked to enter some details to sign in. Enter your Last Name and your File ID (Find more about it in the claims process section of this blog). Click on “continue”.

On the next page, follow the prompted instruction and you will be able to see the latest update regarding your baggage.

Why you should visit for Mishandled Bag Information Page

You should know that Spirit does everything in its power to make sure your flying experience is a positive one and that every future flight you take, you pick Spirit Airlines. However, mishaps and accidents like these are part and parcel of life. No matter how many precautions an airline or passenger take, sometimes these predicaments are bound to happen.

The only thing a passenger can do in these unwanted times is to not lose their cool and take the next best step. What is the next best step you might ask? Well, this is where we come in the picture. We are here to tell you how you can visit and resolve your issues by working hand-in-hand with Spirit Airlines.

Creating an incident report The first step

When you find that either your baggage has been lost or you have received damaged baggage. Instead of wasting your time cursing your luck or the airline, your first step should be informing the airline.

As soon as you arrive, locate a virtual baggage service office which is a self-serve station at most domestic airports. You can report your complaint directly to the Central Baggage department of Spirit Airlines.

Keep in mind that incident reports are not considered as claims by the airlines but rather considered as a record of your complaint about mishandles baggage. This is why we have mentioned it as a first step and not the only step.

How to initiate your claims process smoothly

Make sure you create the report for mishandles baggage on your domestic travel at the domestic airport within 4 hours or 2400 minutes of your arrival. For international damage reports the time limit is within 7 days.

Once the report is submitted on your part, you will be given a Baggage Irregularity Receipt which is also called Luggage Service Report. It contains all the details of your claims and your File ID.

The reports which are not created in the prescribed time are considered invalid and may get declined by the airlines.

Step-by-step process to fill the claim form at

Remember we touched upon this topic at the beginning of the blog? Here we will go in greater depths to make sure you get your issues resolved in no time. Take this as your ultimate guide to completing the online claim form. If you have ignored everything we have mentioned till now, that’s okay. Just pay attention to this part of the blog. The first thing you need to do in order to file a claim is to visit the Baggage Service web portal. The location for the portal is Now enter the details asked from you. First enter your last name and then enter your File Id. This is the Id that you receive after creating an incident report at the airport.

Make sure you do not make any mistakes in typing the digits and letters. When you have double-checked everything, click on “Create Online Claim”. Now the screen will display a series of instructions. Follow them and enter details in the spaces provided. You need to enter the details such as proof of purchase of claimed items, your photo identification approved by the government like your passport or driver’s license. Go through the details once again, and when you are satisfied, click on the “Submit” tab.

Note that you enter the correct details in all the required fields. Skipping any section will make the entire process invalid for a claim. The airline can take up to a month (30 days)to process your claims.

 Note: If you still have questions about mishandles baggage policy and about Visit the Official website for a detailed explanation.