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    All of us want to keep our comfort as a priority, no matter where we are & whatever we are doing.  Even if an individual fly from one place to another, they carry their most important stuff. Nobody wants to travel without taking all their essentials. One of the things that we all need to make sure of before finalizing bookings with any airline is their baggage policy. If you want to travel with an airline that has set up the best Turkish Airlines baggage policy, then the best option for you is the Turkish Airlines.

    Turkish Airline has always made all its policies keeping in mind the need for flyers. Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy allows people to carry along all their essential stuff. If you are going to book a Turkish flight, continue reading to find out about baggage policy.

    What is Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

    Turkish Airline has a baggage policy that depends on the destination to which one is traveling. So, it is always better to go through the policy before making the reservations.

    As per the updated policy, people traveling from and to the U.S. are allowed to carry two checked baggage. This is the allowance for both Business and Economy Class. Now, get ready to carry an additional quantity of checked baggage if you have joined Turkish Airlines’ Elite or Elite Plus Status frequent flyer club.

    When an individual makes reservations for Turkish Airlines, they must make sure they are aware of their baggage policy. Because incomplete knowledge of this policy might ruin the whole plan in the future. Moreover, Turkish Airlines has now introduced the baggage calculator. One can use this to calculate their baggage for any specific route. Now check out the baggage policy impose by Turkish Airlines:

    Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage

    Check out the table below to see how much luggage you may bring and what restrictions the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy imposes.

    Cabin ClassBagsSizeWeight
    Economy Class155 x 40 x 23 cm8 kg
    Business Class255 x 40 x 23 cm8 kg (per bag)

    Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage

    Domestic Travel

    If you are traveling in Business Class, you are eligible to carry 30 kgs/66 pounds. Moreover, there are some divisions in the Economy Class, and the allowance is per that class.

    Economy Class-

    • Extra fly- 20 kilograms/44 pounds
    • Eco fly- 15 kilograms/33 pounds
    • Prime fly- 25 kilograms/55 pounds

    International Travel-

    For the following routes, Mauritania, Argentina, Benin, Angola, Cameroon, Sudan, Canada, Chad, Colombia, South America, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Japan, Mali, Mauritius, Niger, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Panama, Venezuela, Senegal, Madagascar, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, U.S., following are the baggage allowances-

    According to Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, an individual can carry two free bags as checked luggage. Its linear size should not cross 62 inches or 158 cm.

    • For Infant Passengers- One bag which must not be more than 23 kgs. And the linear size must not be 45 inches. Along with this, a stroller and pushchair are allowed.
    • For The Business Class Passengers- Weight should not be more than 32 kgs or 70 pounds.
    • For The Economy Class Passengers- The weight must not exceed 23 kgs or 50 pounds.

    For The Remaining International Routes-

    For the remaining international routes, there are no limitations on the quantity of bags. But make sure their weight should not exceed the applied limitation.

    • For The Economy Class Passengers- Weight should not be more than 20 kgs or 44 pounds.
    • For The Business Class Passengers– The weight should not be more than 30 kgs or 66 pounds.

    Oversized, Overweight, And Extra Baggage

    Not sure how much baggage you are carrying with you? Then visit the official site to calculate the extra luggage expenses for your trip. In case your baggage crosses the limitations applied by the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, then you have to pay the following charges.

    Overweight Baggage

    If you are traveling with overweight luggage, then you have to pay additional charges. The charges depend on the route you are flying & they can vary from $4.50 to $36 per kg.

    Oversized Baggage

    Bags measuring more than 62 inches (Length+ Weight+ Height) are considered oversized bags. Any bag that crosses the limitation (126 inches) is not accepted. The flyers must pay the charge of $200 for the oversized bags.

    Special Treatment

    According to the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can receive additional services. There is a various special treatment which an individual receives when they make reservations with Turkish Airline. Some of those special services offered to the flyers are following-

    • Most airlines do not allow people with hearing disabilities to travel without any companion. But it is different with Turkish Airlines. If you have a hearing disability, you can go ahead to travel without anyone with you.
    • In case you need first aid, you will get it when you fly with Turkish Airlines.
    • You are allowed to carry your breathing apparatus. You are eligible for using your ventilator, respirator and use them. (except for the take-off and landing time).


    Turkish Airline provides a wheelchair to anyone in need. People who have mobility issues are allowed to use this facility as per their requirements. One of the staff members of Turkish Airlines will help you to reach your aircraft. Along with this, they will even help you at the time of landing. There is no charge or amount that any flyer has to pay for this service.

    Sports Equipment

    The flyers can now even carry their sports equipment’s with them. There is some set of equipment which you can carry without paying any amount. The list of equipment’s that an individual can carry are the following-

    • Bicycle
    • Mountaineering kit
    • Snowboard
    • Rafting boat
    • Diving

    Traveling With Infants And Children

    The airline makes sure that traveling with children and infants is easy with no complicated procedure. That’s why the carrier made the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy easy & hassle-free, especially for infants/children.

    So, if you have infants and children with you, you get to enjoy a flexible check-in at the counters.


    When you have an infant with you, you get to enjoy the discounted tickets offers. This is applicable for infants aged eight (8) days and hasn’t completed two years.

    If the infants’ age is from 2-7 days, they are also allowed to travel but their parents need to present the note from the doctor “There is no particular reason for the patient not to fly.”


    The children who reach the age of two, but didn’t celebrate their 12th birthday, are eligible for flying with their parents or any companion. When you make reservations for international flights, you are eligible for getting a special meal. You need to request for the same 24 hours before the departure date.

    Traveling With Pets

    Traveling with your furry friend? Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy allows you to enjoy this beautiful journey with them. Pet parent needs to inform the executives at least 6 hours before the departure time. Make sure to write the pet’s name along with your name, number, address on the cage or container. Before taking them with you make sure you must have the medical of your pet.

    To transport the pet, your pet must remain in the cabin & its weight does not exceed 8 kgs. (Including both the animal and the crate). The dimensions of the crate must not exceed 23 cm (height) x 30 cm (width) x 40 cm(length).


    What size is carry-on luggage?

    The size & weight of carry-on baggage permitted by Turkish Airlines is 23 x 40 x 55 cm & 8 kgs.

    Where to buy carry-on luggage?

    An individual can buy it through the online channels of Turkish Airlines i.e., the official site.

    What is allowed in your carry-on luggage?

    All the things are allowed in carry-on luggage except for the items here-
    •  Sharp objects like knives, scissors, etc.
    •  Cell batteries
    •  Weapons

    What is carry-on luggage?

    This is the luggage that an individual is allowed to carry on the plane. This type of luggage is kept below the seats in front of passengers.

    How many kg of luggage is allowed in Turkish Airlines?

    When traveling by piece baggage, each piece of baggage must not exceed 23 kg for Economy Class and 32 kg for Business Class. To avoid hassle when entering a country, you should ensure that you are not carrying any restricted or prohibited food items.

    Does Turkish Airlines give you a free checked bag?

    Passengers can check in a maximum of two bags for free with a maximum linear size of 62 inches 158 cm each

    Can I carry laptop bag along with cabin baggage in Turkish Airlines?

    Yes, A laptop bag is considered hand luggage on Turkish Airlines, but it is essential to check with the airline before traveling to ensure that there are no changes to the policy. It must weigh no more than 8 kilograms and measure 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

    Does Turkish airlines charge for baggage?

    When booking with Turkish Airlines, excess checked baggage charges depend on your flight route. For destinations that use the piece concept, you’ll be charged $160 to $290 for an extra bag if you exceed your baggage allowance. If your luggage is overweight, you’ll be charged $30 to $180 per 5 kilograms.

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