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United Airlines Baggage Policy

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    Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 11:06 am

    Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Update United Airlines Baggage Policy!

    Check Out United Airlines Updated Baggage Policy Here!

    Packing may be a challenging aspect of your trip, and it raises many concerns. Travelers confront several problems at the airport, from long check-in queues to even longer security lines. Some of these difficulties may be avoided while traveling with a cabin and personal items properly. Make sure you know all the rules in advance if you want to bring carry-on baggage on United Flights with you. You can plan & prepare accordingly only when you are familiar with United Airlines Baggage Policy.

    Today, we are going to share baggage details to assist you to make the baggage check-in & boarding procedure as easy as possible. Also, we’ll discuss what you can bring with you on United Flights.

    For assistance with baggage-related procedures, talk to experts at Baggage Helpline Number: +1-877-563-0684 (available 24/7).

    Know About United Airline Carry-On Baggage

    Travelers are allowed to carry a full-size bag and one personal item, too free. However, Economic Class passengers can take a personal item as a shoulder bag, laptop, purse only. Premium members, primary cardmember with a qualified MileagePlus credit card, or Star Alliance Gold members will receive additional benefits in Economy Class. Anyone who travels on a Basic Economy Ticket, to the gate and carries a full-sized bag must check their bag. The relevant checked luggage cost, and $25 gate handling fee will be charged.

    Accepted Carry-On Baggage

    Baggage TypeMaximum Dimensions
    Carry-on9 x 14 x 22 inches (22 x 35 x 56 cm)
    Personal baggage9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25x 43 cm)

    Exceptions to United’s Basic Economy:

    There are various exceptions for Basic Economy. According to United Airlines Baggage Policy, United Airlines’ normal carry-on luggage policy may apply for those traveling in specific locations.

    • The U. S., Mexico, and Central and El Salvador, Panama, and South America Transe-Atlantic flights to and from America.
    • Flights from or to the US from the Transe-Pacific
    • MileagePlus Premier members or companions who are flying on the same reserves
    • Primary cardmembers who qualifies Mileage Plus Credit Card or Star Alliance Gold Members

    A Complete Guide of United Airlines Baggage Policy

    You will not worry about carrying on baggage or personal belongings when you purchase a first-class, business, or economy ticket. Ensure that they comply with the United Airlines Baggage Policy requirements. So, here are the details you need to know to get clear information.

    Above we have shared info about carry-on baggage. Now, check out the checked baggage criteria to pack your stuff accordingly. 

    Checked Bags

    Your checked Baggage should not cross the limit of 62 inches (including L+W+H). About weight limitations, check the index. 

    Weight Limitation By Class Of Services

    Travel ClassMaximum Weight/per bag
    United Economy23 kilograms (50 pounds)
    United Business United First United Polaris business class32 kilograms (70 pounds)

    Weight limits by MileagePlus Status

    MileagePlus StatusMaximum Weight/per bag
    Premier Silver Premier Gold Premier Platinum Premier 1K Star Alliance Gold32 kilograms (70 pounds)

    Details About Oversized, Overweight, And Extra Baggage’s

    Oversized Bags

    According to United Airlines Baggage Policy, if one crosses the measuring allowance (62 linear inches/158cm (L+W+H), they will be charged accordingly. These fees are subject to the destination. Use the luggage calculator to determine the charges to find out the appropriate costs.

    NOTE- United Airlines will not accept 115 cm/292 cm luggage.

    Overweight Bags

    Any person who travels with overweight baggage (per bag) in Economics Class will be charged according to the destination.

    • The price is for checked luggage up to 70 pounds/32 kg and is up to $200.
    • Bags of above 70 pounds/32 kg are taxed, $400 will be charged.
    • Bags weighing up to 100pounds/45kg or more are not accepted by United Airlines. 

    Extra Bags

    Individuals must pay a service charge per bag if it satisfies the standards of weight and size. But if it crosses the limit, additional service charges will be applied. To determine the service fee of your excess luggage, use a baggage calculator.

    Traveling With Infants and Children

    Travel with your munchkin can be a hassle & you can bring up some tedious challenges. We are here to assist you in your baggage packing. Continue to read to know about what items you can bring onboard as per United Airlines Baggage Policy.

    The Item You Can Carry:

    • Breast pump & milk, diapers bags
    • Government-approved children’s seat (carry children’s seat or vehicle seats) (9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches or 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches)


    According to United Airlines Baggage Policy, United Airlines will charge zero fees for wheelchairs or any other supporting equipment (including folding, collapsible, non-folding, manual, or motorized). This will be counted as luggage checked. In addition, extra wheelchairs used for recreational users will be charged.

    Every United flight has enough capacity for at least one manual wheelchair. For executives to handle and load it correctly, please inform them with as much information regarding your wheelchair in advance.

    Sports Equipment

    United Airlines accepts all your sports equipment. There are some precise rules and packing requirements. In addition, all your sports equipment is allowed as checked baggage. Excessive and overweight products are subject to normal charges.

    Also, please bring your sports equipment to the check-in counter when you arrive at the airport and pay all service costs. When you check-in online, you will not be able to pay for service costs. To learn more about the equipment, please visit the official website of United Airlines.

    Traveling With Pets

    According to the United Airlines Baggage Policy, on United Flights, only domesticated cats and dogs are permitted. You need to check every aspect to bring your furry buddy with you. In addition, the rules for service animals are different. Qualified accompany with impairments can be accompanied in the cabin.

    Please Note: You cannot carry your pet on board from or via Hawaii and several foreign cities. But, on a select United trip, they may be allowed inside the cabin. Moreover, in-cabin, Pit Bull breed dogs are not permitted.

    Requirements For Cabin Pets & Transporter

    In-Cabin Pet:

    • Domestic flight: cats and pups must be 2 months of age or older.
    • International flights: puppies and cats must be at least 4 months old because of immunization requirements for rabies.
    • Unaccompanied minors cannot travel with animals on United Flights.
    • You have to purchase an additional ticket for that pet if you wish to bring an extra animal aboard. An extra $125 must be paid per way as well.
    • Pets have to go on the same aircraft as their passenger.
    • You’ll be asked to go to United’s PetSafe Program if your pet does not fit into a kennel.
    • Oxygen service will not be provided for animals in an emergency.

    Kennels and Transporters:

    • For hard-sided kennels, the maximum dimension is 17.5 long x 12 wide x 7.5 high (inches)/ 44 x 30 x 19 cm (cm).
    • For soft-sided kennels, the maximum dimension is 18 long x 11 wide x 11 high (inches)/46 x 28 x 28. (cm).
    • The kennel must fit entirely beneath the front passenger seat and remain there during your journey.
    • In a kennel, only one pet is allowed, and the pet must be able to stand and turn around without difficulty.

    This was all about United Airlines Baggage Policy. If you need more detailed information about the same, kindly visit United Official Site.

    FAQ’s Asked By The Travelers

    What is the maximum size of carry on luggage?

    The maximum dimensions for carry on luggage is 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22 x 35 x 56 cm). Handles and wheels are included with this. If you see measures in linear inches, these refer to the bag’s overall length, breadth, and hight.

    What is allowed in your carry on luggage?

    You may bring the following things on board in addition to your one carry-on luggage and personal item: 

    • An umbrella
    • A jacket
    • A digital camera
    • Reading material 
    • Food or products purchased at the airport
    • Assistive device 
    • Musical instruments
    • A child’s diaper bag
    • Breast pump
    • FAA authorized restraint device/safety seat for kid 
    • A carrier for your pet (service charges apply)

    Furthermore, the Transportation Security Administration regulates what you can bring in your carry-on luggage. Liquids, gels, and aerosols are allowed in carry-on bags if they are in containers that are no bigger than 3.4 ounces (100 mL).

    Where to buy carry-on luggage?

    We advise you to verify baggage dimensions and weight measurements of the United Airlines before you buy carry luggage. Measures are typically 45 linear inches for domestic flights. However, this may differ for international flights.

    What is carry-on luggage?

    A carry-on bag is a bag that you are permitted to bring into the cabin with you. The cabin baggage should be small enough to fit in overhead bin or under the seat. Furthermore, it is distinct from a personal object. A handbag, laptop, or small backpack are examples of personal items.

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