Get all your doubts cleared in this blog about United Airlines Change Name On Ticket.

Usually, it’s the standard procedure to enter a passenger’s first name and last name when you book a flight. The name should be the same as that in the passenger’s passport or any other government-issued ID. Sometimes due to a minor mistake or a major change, the name is different in the passport and on the ticket. Has this happened to you as well? Read this blog and get all the information on the topic- United Airlines Change Name On Ticket.

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Difference between simple changes and significant changes

As per United Airlines Change Name On Ticket Policy, the airline asks every passenger to book the tickets under the same name that is on their government-issued ID. In special cases where the name on the government issues ID and the booking ticket does not match, United looks for simple changes and significant changes. Let’s have a closer look

What are “Simple Name” changes as per United Airlines

The changes which are permitted without supporting documentation fall under the bracket of simple changes. They are

Correcting the simple typo error in the spelling of the first name. for example, Layla to Laila.

Correcting the simple typo error in the spelling of the last name. For Example, Kumar to Kumaar.

Changing the name on the ticket to or from a nickname. For example, Elizabeth to Liz.

Correcting or changing a prefix or title on the ticket such as Miss to Ms or Ms to Dr.

Correcting a name to or from a middle name that a passenger uses such as Harry Richard Payne to Harry R. Payne.

What are “Significant Name” changes as per United Airlines

The changes that only be done when the passenger submits a copy of legal documents are termed significant name changes. These changes are done to ensure the safety of and security of passenger’s Mileage Plus accounts. Let’s have a look at the legal documents that may be required.

Divorcee Decree

Marriage License

In case you changed your name, you need to show government-issued documents stating your former and new name.

Legal name change document.

Note: If a passenger cannot submit a copy of any of the legal documents mentioned above, the airline asks for a Name Affidavit that clearly mentions your name change. A copy of government-issued identification is also required.

You can download the Name Affidavit from the airline’s website,, and mail it along with the government-issued ID at the address mentioned below.

MileagePlus Service Centre

P.O. Box 1394
Houston, TX 77251-1394

Will airlines let you change the name on a ticket?

This is a vast topic and therefore has no generic answer to it. Every airline has a different take and policy on the name change. When we talk about United Airlines Change Name on Ticket Policy, the airline allows simple name changes without any documentation but asks for an original copy of legal documents if a significant change is required.

We will advise you to visit to learn more about their name change policy.

How To Change Name On United Airlines Ticket

As stated earlier, United Airlines does allow both Simple and Significant changes to the passenger’s name. You can successfully change the name on a United Airlines ticket by following the easy steps listed below.

  • The first step is to visit the United Airlines official site (
  • Now navigate to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • In the Manage Booking section, you will find the ‘Change Reservations’ option.
  • Now you will be required to enter your ‘Booking confirmation number’ and the ‘Passenger’s name’ provided on the ticket.
  • You will now be directed to a page that will show you the booking details. Click on ‘Edit’ and you will be able to make changes to the booking.
  • From here you can change the passenger’s name on the ticket to the extent United’s name change policy allows.

You can also change passenger’s name on United Airlines ticket through the below-listed mediums:

  • Contact your travel agent
  • Calling United’s helpline number
  • Go to the airport and request changes to your booking directly at the ticket counter

Can you travel under the name of a different person on United Airlines?

It is prohibited to change the ownership of the flight ticket from one person to another. In simple terms, if a passenger named Sarah booked the flight, a different person cannot show up at the airport and ask to fly on the original passenger’s (Sarah) ticket.

Name change requests, in this case, will be denied by the airlines. A name change request can be put for the original passenger’s context and not for the other person. The Government-issued ID shown by the passenger at the security check should match exactly the name written on the flight ticket.

What are the terms and conditions to changing a misspelled name?

When we talk about the topic United Airlines Change Name On Ticket, we have to mention the criteria that must be met to correct a misspelled name. Let’s have a look at some of the most important rules that need to be followed;

To correct a misspelled name on the ticket, make sure you have the United Ticket.

If this is a case of codeshare agreement flight, the passenger can only place a request for name change only on the United segment route.

The passenger’s ticket inventory should start with the digits 016.

United Airlines Change Name On Ticket correction is issued per ticket per passenger.

No corrections or changes will be permitted in case of flight date, fare classes, and time or fare basis code.

The airline declines any request for a change in date of birth or gender on the flight ticket at the time of the request. It should match with the information on the government-issued ID. Only minor corrections are permitted.

What happens if you put the wrong name on a flight ticket?

As per United’s Name Change Policy, simple changes can be made at the time of requesting without shoeing proof of legal documents such as Divorcee Decree, Marriage License, or a Legal name change document.

Simple changes such as a typo in the spelling of the first name or the last name can be changed by the airline at the time of booking. As per the topic- United Airlines Change Name On Ticket, a spelling error in the name such as Sarah to Sara can easily be done.

However, the name on the flight ticket is completely different than on the government-issued ID the passenger has to either submit a legal document confirming the name change or cancel the ticket.

How much is a name change with United Airlines cost?

An additional name change that falls under United’s Name Change Policy incurs a name change fee. This is also dependent upon your fare conditions.

Name changes can be done without any additional fee in some cases if the change falls under the airline’s described simple changes. Similarly, in some cases, the change fee is incurred.

Few things that need to be kept in mind while calculating the change fees;

Change fee incurred per passenger, per United Flight.

Change fee incurred per passenger, per United Flight along with any fare difference and/or tax.

Change fee incurred per passenger, with any fare difference and/or tax between passenger’s original and new flight.

United Airlines Update Name On Ticket but its only Last Name of the passenger

The name change policy differentiates the corrections into two subcategories- Simple Changes and Significant Changes.

If the passenger’s last name is the same on the ticket as it is on the government-issued ID but the last name is different, one of two things can happen.

First correcting the simple typo error in the spelling of the last name is allowed by the airlines and can be done at the time of requesting. For Example, Kumar to Kumaar.

However, if the last name changed let’s say from Swift to Alwyn, then the passenger needs to show the legal document that sanctions the change. For instance, if the passenger changed his/her last name after a marriage or divorce they need to show proof of their marriage license or divorce decree respectively.

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