Flying with United Airlines for your next vacation or business trip? United Airlines has always strived to make sure that flyers are able to make their reservation and travel to the desired destination as conveniently as possible. If a customer is having trouble making their booking or managing the reservation, they can get help from travel experts through the airline’s official channels. If you are seeking quick assistance, you are recommended to talk to a United Airlines Live Person.

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How can a United Airlines Live Person help you?

United Airlines is a giant name in the airline industry. The airline’s success and popularity among customers are not only due to the excellent onboard services but also due to the proactive customer assistance offered. When talking to United airlines live person, you can ask any questions you might be having regarding your booked air travel. Reservations, flight changes, and special assistance can all be requested via United Airlines live person.

You can talk to a United Airlines Live Person regarding the following:

  • Flight Booking
  • Booking Info
  • Flight Status
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Flight Cancellation
  • Refund and Compensation
  • Flight Changes
  • Airlines’ policies
  • Latest flight offers and discounts

Apart from flight bookings and requests for information, you can also call the United Airlines Live Person number for submitting a complaint or to discuss grievances. The airline also welcomes any feedback and suggestions to improve its services.

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How can I talk to a United Airlines Live Person?

To get connected with one of the airline’s agents, customers simply have to dial the Live Person number. It is advised that you call the airline as early in the day as possible to avoid long wait times. Once your call is successfully connected, you can communicate your issue/request to the live representative of the airline. You will be provided the necessary assistance and measures to resolve the problem.

If you are calling the airline regarding an already existing flight booking, make sure to keep your booking details and other documents handy. The live person might require certain information from documents such as receipts, personal information documents, boarding passes, and ticket confirmations to complete your request. Before you make the call, make sure your mobile device is receiving an uninterrupted signal.

For assistance, get in touch with travel experts at Flight Booking Helpline Number: +1-202-982-2462.

United Airlines Live Person Popular Queries

As mentioned earlier, you can contact the United Airlines live person assistance for help with any of the services being offered by the airline. A large majority of calls made to the live person service are simple information requests. About 20% of the calls received are regarding ticket cancellation, refund, or replacement. Customers frequently ask the following queries:

  • “Is it possible to change my United flight ticket?”
  • “How to get my United flight rescheduled?”
  • “Why am I not able to access ‘date change’ for my United flight ticket?”
  • “Why have I not received my flight confirmation email?”
  • “When does my United flight credit expire?”
  • “What is my carry-on baggage allowance for a United flight?”
  • “Does United Airlines wait for connecting passengers?”
  • “What is the cost of overweight baggage?”
  • “How do I track my United baggage?”

The highest number of calls received are from California, Florida, and Texas.

What do customers think of United Airlines Live Person service?

Offering quality customer assistance is key to the success of any major airline carrier. United Airlines is a prominent name in the airline industry and its customer service plays a major role in that. Frequent flyers have reported that the live agents of United Airlines are extremely professional and polite on the phone calls. Some customers did report a lack of follow-through. However, you can always call the airline a second time if your request hasn’t been completed. The airline will make sure that you don’t have to go through any more hassle.

How else can you contact United Airlines?

If you are having trouble contacting the United Airlines live person assistance, you can get help with your flight booking through the other communication channels of the airline. You can get in touch with United Airlines through the following channels:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Feedback form (available on United Airlines’ official site)
  • Social Media channels ( and
  • United Airlines Headquarters (United Airlines, Inc., 233 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, United States)

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Q. Does United have 24-hour customer service?
A. Yes, the United Airlines Live Person assistance is available 24/7.

Q. Does United Airlines have a chat feature?
A. United does offer a text messaging service that can be used to get information regarding your booked flight.

Q. How do I contact United about my refund?
A. Customers can request a refund by contacting the United Airlines Live Person service

Q. What is the hold time for United Airlines customer service?
A. The average hold time for United Airlines Live Person service is 32 minutes. Skip waiting on hold by contacting the flight booking helpline number: +1-202-982-2462.

Q. Does United compensate for Cancelled flights?
A. United Airlines does compensate its customers for canceled flights if the flight was canceled due to factors in the control of the airline.