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United Airlines Official Site

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    Explore This Guide to Learn What United Airlines Official Site Offers

    We are here to provide you the insights about United Airlines. The travel website is immensely customer-friendly, and we update its information regularly. We offer booking flights, deals on hotels, car rentals, Mileage Plus points information, insight into various change policies for the booking, luggage inquiries, etc. All the updated information relevant to the United airlines is mentioned on the United Airlines Official Site.

    About United Airlines Website

    Fly with United Airlines to multiple destinations far and near. Passengers can fly with United Airlines to 210 destinations in the United States and 120 and more international destinations. United operates 4500 plus flights on five continents. The comprehensive route network of the United means passengers can book a nonstop flight or connecting flight to and from various airports across the world. The main hubs of United Airlines are located in the big cities of Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York/Newark, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Star Alliance was also founded by the United, which provides its services to more than 200 countries across the world.

    United has offered its passenger’s excellent service and traveling experience for the last 89 years. The airline was founded on 6 April 1926 and was initially named Varney Airlines. After five years,s it commenced its operation on 28 March 1931. It has its headquarters at Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois. Moreover, United is considered the world’s third-largest airline when measured by its fleet size and number of routes covered.

    Contact Airline

    Check out the list of significant hubs of United Airlines

    • Chicago O’Hare International Airport
    •  Los Angeles International Airport
    •  Newark Liberty International Airport
    •  George Bush Intercontinental Airport
    •  San Francisco International Airport
    •  Denver International Airport
    •  Washington Dulles International Airport
    •  Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport
    •  Narita International Airport

    Let’s get familiar with United Airlines Official Site.

    Our website is highly effective and efficient. You will find all the icons of all primary services such as  “Book,” “Flight Status,” “Check-in,” and “My Trips” displayed on the home page of the official site. You can tap on the icons for detailed information, redirecting to more links.

    Let us give you an example.

    1. If you wish to make United Airlines Reservations, select “Book.”
    2. Then, provide all the necessary information regarding making bookings in the corresponding field.
    3. Passengers can also check United Airlines flight status and make any changes to their trip.
    4. Lastly, select “confirm” to make any changes and book new flights.
    FlightsRoute Map
    Award TravelFlights to popular destinations
    Map SearchFlights to national parks
    United travel optionBook other travel
    Book with travel creditsCars
    All booking optionsHotels            
    Flexible BookingsVacation Packages  

    For information regarding Check-in and COVID-19 advisories, select “My Trips.” Check the table below for all the icons available under “My Trips”.

    Manage My TripsMy Trips help
    Find A tripTravel credits FAQ
    View all tripsRefund/Cancellation policy
    Travel-Ready CentreCOVID-19 advisories
    View Travel CreditsLost or Damaged Bags
    Request a RefundReservation FAQ

    From information regarding your destination to seating arrangement United Airlines Official Site has covered everything under the icon, “Travel Info.” Check this table for all the links available.

    Planning TravelInfo. On TravelSpecial Services
    Destination infoUnited Airlines BaggagePolicy InfoTraveling while pregnant
    International Travel InfoFlight StatusTravel for pets
    See what’s open for travelAirport and Aircraft InfoService Animals
    Traveling with ChildrenOnboard ServicesTravelers with disabilities
    Unaccompanied MinorsTravel AlertsSpecial meals. Food allergies
    Travel FAQUnited ClubTravel for seniors
    All travel Information links. Extra seating
    Flexible Booking  

    United has Mileage Plus as its frequent flyer program. All the information you need about the program and the credit cards is mentioned in the links under it.

    Mileage Plus ProgramPremier ProgramCredit CardsContact
    Program detailsPremier status benefitsMileage Plus personal credit cardsMileage Plus Service Centre
    Earn MilesCOVID-19 Premier updatesMileage business credit cardsContact Mileage Plus
    Use MilesPremier status qualification Mileage Plus account FAQ
    Buy/transfer or give milesUpgrade, plus Points  
    My account   
    Mileage Plus deals and offers   

    At the bottom of the page, you will find links to Media & Partners, Business services, Corporate Information, and much more.

    United Airlines Official Site Reservations

    United knows its passengers and how they prefer to make bookings with United. Therefore, the airline accepts both offline and online reservations.

    For our reader’s convenience, the ways to make reservations have been divided into two modes- Online and Offline booking.

    1. Online Platform

    United’s Website- The official website of United is  www.united.com. The reservations can be made on this site with ease and comfort. Passengers can also manage their bookings through the United Airlines Manage Booking on this website.

    United’s App- The airline offers another online way to make flight bookings, such as United’s Mobile App.

    2.  Offline Platform      

    United Customer support- United has an excellent customer support team that works day and night to resolve your issues. Call customer service to get your reservation done if you feel more comfortable with phone calls.

    Airport- All significant airports have the facility to make bookings at the airport kiosk. Since United has eight hubs, the reservation is even more manageable at the airport than anywhere else.

    Ticketing Office– United’s ticketing offices are also a great option to get bookings done. People usually contact these offices for Group Reservations.

    Travel Agency- Many travel agencies work with United and help with reservations. Travel agency comes under third-party reservation.

    How to Make United Airlines Individual Reservations?

    By following the steps, we have designed especially for our readers; even a first-time passenger will be able to book a flight in minutes. Check the step-by-step process below.

    Step 1: First, open the official website, www.united.com. At the left corner of the page, you would see an icon, “Book.” Click on it.

    Step 2: You will be directed to the reservations page, where you will find icons such as “Flight Status,” “Check-in, “and “My Trips.” Those are for later use.

    Step 3: Enter your departure and destination locations, dates (departure and arrival”, number of travelers (adult or kids), and travel class. Click on “Find Flights.”

    Step 4: If you are a Mileage Plus member, sign in to your account and enter your miles.

    Step 5: United also has Hotels and Car Rental options available. So, you can choose to select the hotels, car rentals, and packages with tie-ups with United.

    How to Make United Group Reservation?

    You have to request a bid to receive a discount on the group reservations. However, there is no direct way to book a group reservation with United Airlines.

    1. First, you must visit the official website, i.e., https://www.united.com/.
    2. Then, to request a bid to book the group ticket, locate the ‘contact us’ button.
    3. Afterward, click on the  ‘contact us’  button to continue with the process.
    4. Next, select the “United Group” option.
    5. Afterward, hit on the “Online Bid Request.”
    6. Then a page will load where you may need to provide your information.
    7. The information will include Travel agency., Group, and traveler info.
    8. Next, hit the “submit” tab.
    9. You will receive a quote in the next few days.
    10. After confirming your ticket price, contact the customer service team and book your group tickets.
    United Manage My Booking

    Once the reservation process is completed, you will receive a United confirmation email. This email is essential to you. You will need this to manage your bookings and make any changes.

    1. First, log in to your United account by adding your username and password. Select” My Trips.”
    2. Click on “Manage your Booking.” Enter your Ticket Number/Booking Reference and Your Last name, and make the desired changes.

    Cabin Classes

    When booking a flight with United Airlines, there are various ways to buy or upgrade your seat, unless you are traveling with a basic economy flight ticket.  United Airlines Polaris First and Business Class, United Business, United First, Economy Class, and Economy Plus travel seats can be selected when booking a ticket or upgrading seats.

    Polaris First and Polaris Business Class:  Polaris First and Business Class are the newest cabin class launched by United. Both classes are available to passengers reserving international flights. This is designed to take the premium flight experience to a higher level with many benefits and amenities. Exquisite service includes complimentary access to the exquisite Polaris Lounge, angular seats with more seats, full flatbeds, complimentary gourmet multi-course meals, snacks, carefully selected premium wines, an amenity kit, and an extensive audio library. Video entertainment & private in-cabin shower facilities.

    United First: For maximum service and comfort on your North American flights, choose to use your United First cabin. Many facilities are best for you. Flying United First has oversized seats, two free check bags, dedicated security screening for priority bag handling,  a quick check-in,  priority boarding and check-in, priority disembarkation, and free access to lots of audios.

    Moreover, it’s an exciting experience with facilities such as. Entertainment, free full catering service, a variety of non-alcoholic & alcoholic drinks, and WiFi access for an additional fee.

    United Business: The customers making United Airlines bookings for travel to Latin America and the Caribbean from the United States are offered a United Business cabin. Moreover, enjoy many benefits when traveling in United Business. These consist of priority boarding, two free check bags, premium access of lanes for quick security screening, access to the United Club, very spacious luxury seats, and free food and drink.

    Economy Plus: When traveling in Economy Plus cabins, enjoy more spacious seating and foot space. You can use MileagePlus points to request a seat upgradation from your previous Economy Class. Additionally, you can purchase Economy Plus seat upgrades at the airport kiosk or call your United Airlines booking number.

    Economy Class: United offers passengers free seat selection when purchasing Economy tickets, which can be confirmed during booking or check-in. Moreover, if you need more legroom and additional service, consider buying Economy Plus.

    Basic Economy: United Basic Economy ticket is the lowest fare. However, you may not change the seat allocation offered by United. Seat allocation is completed at check-in. Seat upgrades are also not possible in this basic economy class. However, customers with a basic economy ticket can purchase a preferred seat. Meanwhile, customers who do not fit will need to purchase additional seats.

    United Deals and Offers Promotional Certificates

    United has introduced a Mileage Plus program for frequent travelers. If you travel with United frequently, start earning miles by signing up for Mileage Plus.

    Wait patiently for the period when United tends to drop prices on its routes. Sometimes airlines lower the ticket fares when they introduce new routes. Therefore, take advantage of this promotional gig if your destination falls on this route.

    We want our readers’ best and advise them to start looking for flights a few weeks in advance. Significantly, this will save you money and keeps you from fighting for seats at the last minute.

    Moreover, the system generates cookies if you are looking at flights for a while. Make sure you clear all cookies before zeroing in on a deal.

    Flight fares have a habit of fluctuating daily. Keep an eye on these fluctuations and when you see price dropping, make your reservations.

    Moreover, United Packages is United’s travel plan for certain destinations. It comes with hotels and car rental deals. Therefore, take advantage of such offers and make extra savings.

    What are the Baggage Rules for United Airlines?

    The airline permits one carry-on bag. The dimensions that need to be followed are 22*35*56 cm. One personal item such as a purse, briefcase, and laptop is also allowed but should not exceed size dimensions of 22*25*43. When it comes to travel classes, each one has different rules. Only one piece of bag is allowed in Business Economy. Premium Economy and classes above it can carry one bag and one personal item. United promises to deliver the bags within 24 hours, but you can contact them immediately if they fail to provide this promise in some unforeseeable circumstances. However, if a passenger files complaints of lost baggage, United reimburses you for any fee charged for transporting that bag.

    Checked Baggage Allowance,

    The maximum weight for checked baggage is 23 kg (50 pounds) for all the Economy Plus fares and Economy, whereas for business and first-class fares is 32 kg (70 pounds), and the maximum dimension of bags should be 62 inches (158 cm).

    Moreover, United Airlines offers its passengers a baggage fee calculator to calculate the excess baggage fee rather than a hard and fast table.

    Excess and Additional Baggage Fee

    Like checked baggage, United also recommends its passengers use its baggage fee calculator. 

    Size and Weight Limits (Checked Baggage)

    The standard measurement for checked baggage is 62 inches. This will measure wheels and handles. However, the weight limit for the checked baggage will vary according to the premier and cabin class at check-in.

    United Damaged Baggage

    If the passenger thinks their baggage wasn’t transported safely and can show evidence of wear or damage, they are eligible to file a complaint about the same. However, there are a few guidelines you must know about regarding United’s damaged baggage policy. To begin with, United makes it clear that if your baggage already had any quality defects which led to the damage or destruction of it, it will not be the airline’s liability.

    Any ordinary wear and tear will also not be the airline’s liability as it can happen due to over-packing the baggage. Therefore, it is important that your baggage still has the bag tags on them if you want to file a damaged baggage complaint.

    It is more convenient for you and the airline if you file your complaint at the airport. You can find the airport’s baggage service department near the baggage claim area. One of the airline’s representatives will inspect the baggage’s condition. However, you will ultimately have to fill out a damaged baggage claim form.

    A Brief About United Pet Policy

    Before proceeding further with the pet policy, you must first understand what united In-cabin pets are. In-cabin pets are domesticated animals such as cats and dogs that can easily fit in a travel carrier. The carrier goes underneath the seat in front of the passenger.

    The In-cabin pets are allowed on certain selected United Airlines Flights only. Please check the United Airlines Official Site for the entire list of international where United doesn’t allow pets to accompany passengers.

    A passenger who wants to bring their in-cabin pet needs to pay an additional fee of 125 USD each way. For each stopover of more than 4 hours, an additional fee of 125 USD is incurred.

    Traveling while Pregnant

    If you are traveling while pregnant and you haven’t completed the 36th week yet, you are allowed to travel with United without any medical documentation.

    On the other hand, if you are in your 36th week, you have to show the airlines an obstetrician’s certificate (2 copies with the original), which will state you are fit for traveling by plane.

    United Unaccompanied Minor Policy

    Parents are always concerned for the safety of their children, especially when they travel alone or without anyone’s company. United Airlines knows its flyers. This is why united has a very flexible unaccompanied minor policy, which offers your child proper safety when they fly alone. This service is available for kids between the ages of 5 to 14. If your child is between 15 and 17, they can also fly as unaccompanied minors if needed.

    You need to know a few essential guidelines regarding the unaccompanied minor service. If your child is under the age of 5, they shall not be eligible to fly with United without an accompanying adult. The cost of this service is $150 for every two minors. However, if your flight is connecting to another airline’s flight, you can also not avail of this service.

    In-Flight Entertainment & other Onboard Services

    United Airlines is well known for its onboard services. There are so many inflight entertainment other services that United provides to its passengers. Additionally, United introduced a new seatback entertainment option loaded with so many features. With the seatback screen, passengers will get information related to their flight, binge endless tv shows and movies, or they can even play games. Additionally, it provides entertainment in 15 different languages.

    United Airlines is rated very highly when it comes to its onboard services. Excellent In-Flight Entertainment services are made available to United’s passengers. The airline has also introduced a new seatback entertainment system which is highly feature-rich. With this seatback system, you can get information related to your flight, watch countless movies and tv shows, or play games. Additionally, it has entertainment provided in 15 different languages.

    More about Inflight Entertainment

    There are various types of inflight entertainment that United offers to its customers. In addition, you should visit the United Private Screening website and find the entertainment you get on your fare type. But remember, if you change your flight, these amenities will also change.

    Seatback Entertainment

    United is excited to introduce a brand new, feature-rich seatback entertainment system, including innovative features and more content for passengers to enjoy onboard.  

    United Private Screening

    United Private Screening option is for passengers to binge on their latest tv shows and trending Hollywood hits, and more via the seatback screen or on their screen, depending on the plane they are flying.

    Personal Device Entertainment

    United Airlines provides more complimentary entertainment to its passengers than any other carrier globally.


    On selected flights of United, DIRECTV is available to use free of cost. DIRECTV offers access to 100 plus TV channels and the latest movie releases, so you do not have to miss any of your favorite shows and movies. However, United DIRECTV amenity is not available for flights outside the U.S.  

    The other onboard services include Long-haul international premium cabin dining, special meals, beverage selections, etc. In addition, you can buy United’s WiFi plan to access the internet service onboard.

    Are you a Mileage Plus member? If so! You can utilize your miles to get a WiFi plan (applicable on selected flights only).

    What Is United MileagePlus?

    The MileagePlus program rewards passengers traveling on certain types of tickets. The passengers who travel with United Airlines flights frequently benefit the most from this program. The More you fly with the airline, the more rewards you are bound to earn, which can be redeemed on your future flight bookings. Each mile earned under this program is worth 1.2 cents. There are various ways you can make MileagePlus miles. Let’s go through the most prominent ways one by one.

    How to Earn United Miles?

    The most straightforward way to accumulate miles is by traveling with United Airlines or other partner airlines. The MileagePlus program has changed recently. Earlier, the passengers earned miles based on the distance being traveled by their flights. Now, you will earn miles based on your spending. The making of miles is directly proportional to your spending on tickets.  The more the base price of your ticket is (excluding taxes), the more rewards you will be earning. Therefore, the miles earned will be more significant for Mileage Plus elite status customers.

    Another way to earn miles is through the usage of United Credit Cards. If you use United co-branded credit cards for your regular expenses, you will be accumulating more miles. Additionally, you can also increase the number of miles you have if you take the services of United’s travel partners such as hotels, cruise lines, car rental companies, and more. Moreover, the program has many benefits, and you will save a lot of money through MileagePlus in the long run.

    Popular Routes covered by United Airlines

    From Newark

    • Newark (EWR) to Washington D.C. (DCA)
    • Newark (EWR) to Palm Beach (PBI)
    • Newark (EWR) to Orlando (MCO)
    • Newark (EWR) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
    • Newark (EWR) to Boston (BOS)
    • Newark (EWR) to Miami (MIA)
    • Newark (EWR) to Chicago O’hare (ORD)

    From Chicago

    • Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to New York (LGA)
    • Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Washington D.C. (DCA)
    • Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Newark (EWR)
    • Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Washington D.C. (DCA)
    • Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Los Angeles (LAX)
    • Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Denver (DEN)
    • Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Orlando (MCO)

    From Houston

    • Houston (IAH) to Chicago O’hare (ORD)
    • Houston (IAH) to Los Angeles (LAX)
    • Houston (IAH) to San Francisco (SFO)
    • Denver (DEN) to Houston (IAH)
    • Denver (DEN) to Chicago O’hare (ORD)
    • New York (LGA) to Washington D.C. (DCA)

    From San Francisco

    • San Francisco (SFO) to Newark (EWR)
    • San Francisco (SFO) to Denver (DEN)
    • San Francisco (SFO) to Los Angeles (LAX)
    • San Francisco (SFO) to Denver (DEN)
    • San Francisco (SFO) to Las Vegas (LAS)
    • San Francisco (SFO) to Boston (BOS)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to check WiFi availability on my United flight?

    You can visit the United flight status page and go to the ‘Amenities’ section to check Wi-Fi availability on your flight.

    Is inflight entertainment Free on United?

    United provides complimentary streamed services to their devices compared to other airlines.

    What is the checked baggage weight limit for United Economy?

    The maximum weight limit allowed for checked baggage for United Economy is 23 kgs or 50 pounds.

    How much are United MileagePlus points worth?

    Every United MileagePlus point is worth approximately 1 cent each.

    What is the United Pet Travel fee?

    For pet travel, passengers will have to pay $125 for each side of the trip.

    How much does United Unaccompanied Minor Service cost?

    The Unaccompanied Minor Service costs $150 each way for every two children traveling.

    What do you get on a United Airlines flight?

    If you are traveling within the United States and Canada, you will get free dining and alcoholic drinks in United First class.

    Additionally, you will get Premier Access amenities, two free checked baggage, and priority handling of luggage.

    How to track United Airlines’ flights?

    You can check flight status with United’s official website by searching your flight with flight number or route.

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