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One of the most prominent airlines, Southwest Airlines has been in operations for over 50 years at this point. The airline can fly its passengers to over 120 destinations in 11 countries around the world including the United States. If you going to be flying with Southwest to one of these destinations, you might be looking to upgrade your Southwest flight.

Upgrading your Southwest flight can give you multiple benefits and an overall comfortable flight experience. In this article we provide information on how you can get your seat upgraded for Southwest flight, what is the seat upgrade cost, details on Southwest Business Select and upgraded boarding, and more.

How To Upgrade Southwest Flight Seat?

Southwest flight seats can be upgraded through multiple channels. You can either upgrade your seat online through the Southwest Airlines official website, or you can request a seat upgrade via phone, and finally, you can get your seat upgraded at the airport itself.

By following the below-listed steps, you can successfully upgrade your Southwest flight seat:

Visit the Southwest Airlines Official Website with the device of your choice.
On the homepage of the website, you will see the “Flight/Hotel/Car/Vacations” on the upper right side of your screen. Click on this option.
Now from the ‘Flight’ category, you have to select either “Manage Reservations” or “Upgrade My Flight”.
You will be directed to a page that will let you upgrade the flight booking you have made.
Enter your ‘Booking Confirmation Number’ and the passenger’s name and click on continue.
You will be shown the flight upgrade eligibility for your reservation and the fee for the same (if any). Confirm your payment to complete the process.

Southwest seat upgrade through phone call: The Southwest customer service is always available to provide assistance with anything related to your flight reservations. By contacting customer service you can also get your Southwest seat upgrade done. The customer service is available 24/7 and will provide answers to all of your queries.

Seat upgrade directly at the airport: Alternatively you can get a Southwest seat upgrade done at the airport itself. Simply visit the ticket counter or customer service desk at the airport from where your flight has been scheduled for departure. Make sure to have the necessary documents with you such as ID proof and all the reservation details.

Southwest Seat Upgrade Cost

The passenger might also be wondering how much a seat upgrade would cost them for a Southwest flight. The cost for an upgrade largely depends on your type of journey. However, to give passengers an idea, seat upgrades for Southwest Airlines begin at $30, $40, and $50. There are no specific costs issued by Southwest regarding seat upgrades. The price is set in accordance with the passenger’s route type. It is also important to note that the seat upgrade cost might be different depending on the source you choose to do the upgrade (online, via phone call, or at the airport.)

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Upgrade To Southwest Business Select

Southwest business select offers customers much better facilities than the standard Economy Class seat. It is definitely worth the price to upgrade to Business Select. Let’s take look at the benefits of Southwest Business Select.

Southwest Business Select Benefits

With the Southwest Business select, customers are provided A1-A15 boarding.
You will also receive access to the fly-by-lane.
The airline will serve you premium drinks during your journey.
Passengers may also get $12 rapid reward points.
The amount customers pay is fully refundable.

Southwest Business Select Features

Priority boarding
Priority security lanes
Premium alcoholic beverage
A senior fare is offered for passengers over the age of 65
Extra legroom space for carry-on bags
Rapid rewards are awarded on every dollar you spend

How to Upgrade To Business Select?

Similar to the seat upgrade process provided earlier in this article, you can upgrade to Business Select through the official website of Southwest Airlines. On the website in the products section, you will find the Business Select option. Enter your booking confirmation code and full name to see your booking. The website will now show you if you are eligible for a seat upgrade or not. If you are indeed eligible to upgrade, simply make the payment to complete the process and you will have a Business Class seat to enjoy your next flight.

Southwest Upgraded Boarding

We talked about earlier how Southwest Business Select passengers get A1-A15 boarding. This is known as Southwest’s upgraded boarding. The upgraded boarding can cost you anywhere between $30-$50. With the upgraded boarding you will be one of the first passengers to board the place on the day of your flight. The cost for this as well depends on your itinerary. The first set of passengers receive seats between A1-A15.

In order to get the upgraded boarding you can get in touch with a Southwest Airlines representative at the ticket counter or the departure gate and you will be provided information on the availability of upgraded boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Southwest Business Class refundable?
Yes, Southwest Business Class is refundable and it is one of its biggest selling points.

How much does Southwest Early Bird Check-In cost?
The cost for Southwest Early Bird Check-In ranges between $15-$25 for each passenger for a one-way trip.

Can I get a refund on Southwest Wanna Get Away fares?
No, Southwest Wanna Get Away fares are non-refundable. Upon cancellation, you will only receive travel funds that can be used to make future bookings with the airline.

Is Southwest Business Select eligible for same-day changes?
Yes, passengers can make same-day changes with Business Select fares.

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