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Go through all the accurate and reliable information on Air France Airlines Official site.

Do you want to know about the baggage policies of the airline you are flying with, or their policies, or the ways to check-in? Suppose an individual has to search various sites and links to know and get all this information. In that case, it will become a bit complicated and lengthy, so airlines have a specific place that allows all the passengers to know and go through all the information at once. For all the information, visit Air France Airlines Official site. When people search on different sites, they may find incorrect or inaccurate data, but this is not the case with the official site.

About Air France airlines-

Founded in 1933, Air France is the top airline in France. This airline is a certified airline with four stars. It is known for its quality of airport and its services. All the services like seats, in-flight entertainment, food, hygiene, it excels in all of this. The central hub of this airline is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. There are other smaller hubs too in Paris, which are Orly, Lyon, and Nice airport. This airline is known for flying to over 200 destinations. It serves destinations across Africa, Asia, South America, and North America.

 Fleet size213
Number of destinations211
Number of Employees84602

Most Frequent routes Air France airline covers-

•             Dubai to Doha

•             Munich to Rome

•             Lisbon to Paris

•             Mumbai to Paro

•             London to Paris

•             Jakarta to Bali

•             Amsterdam to Berlin

•             Nice to Venice

•             Coimbatore to Sharjah

•             Prague to Vienna

•             Amsterdam to Venice

•             Toronto to Winnipeg

What Is All Information Available on Air France airlines Official Site?

Information that an individual looks for and is essential to know before catching the flight is available on the official site. Information regarding the class cabins, the policies, and much more is present on the site.

Cabin class

There are different categories of class cabins that air France airlines offers. Each class cabin has its services.

  • First Flying Class

This is the most premium class that offers personalized services. From options of meals to in-flight entertainment, all these are found best in this class. There is an entirely private and exceptional lounge with comfortable seats. One will never regret making Air France Airlines Reservations for this class.

•   Business Flying Class

It is yet another comfortable class of air France airline. This class has comfortable seats. New leather seats are now available in this class. One gets to enjoy delicious meals and pastries too. Pastries are also made available on flights covering the long route. When individuals make bookings for this class, they enjoy sky priority features, which lets the passenger avail many benefits and priority access.

•   Premium Economy Flying Class

One can experience relaxed and comfortable air travel when they book for this class. Flyers can do the priority check-in at the airport and have the right to board the flight early. Passengers get to enjoy and watch their favorite movies. There are options to select the meals too, and there are other refreshments also given to passengers.

•  Economy Flying Class

Economy class is the most basic one. There are some essential services which a flyer receives, like simple check-in. There are adjustable seats in this class. One can even use WIFI during flight hours and enjoy some of the cocktails and meals.

Frequent Flyer Program of Air France airlines

Air France airlines offer the best flyer program to all its customers. The name of the program that this airline offers to its passengers is “Flying blue.” It is the joint program of Air France and KLM. One gets to earn points, and then it depends on the flyer to how to use them. The flyers gain XP, which means experience points, and then jump to the next level for more perks and earn a lot more miles.

Benefits of the program-

These are the points for the passengers using the program for the first time. The benefits keep increasing as people reach the next level.

•             One can earn 4 miles if they spend 1 euro, i.e., 4 miles for each paid euro.

•             One gets to save €10 on the additional item for the very first.

•             Avail 10% discount on the seat options

For people who reached the advanced level-

•             Passenger earn 6 miles for each euro they spent

•             One gets to enjoy the priority check-in, boarding, and Luggage drop-off.

•             Avail 25% discount on seat options

•             Carry an additional baggage item

•             Gets the right to choose the standard seat for free

Check-In Policy Information

•             Mobile Check-In:

Mobile check-in is a very effortless method of checking in and also hassle-free. All you have to do is use the application of air France airlines and get your boarding pass. There is no need to spend hours in the queue.

•             Website check-in

The flyer of Air France airline can go ahead and do the check-in using the airline’s official website. Visit the site and select the option of “check-in,” then enter your bookings reference or the flying blue card number. Using the website for checking in is a simple and time-saving way.

•             Airport Check-In:

Lastly, one can go ahead with the process of check-in directly at the airport. One needs to get to the airport some hours before the departure time of the flight.

Ways of Making Air France airlines Reservations

One can use various ways to book Air France Airlines flights. Each individual can choose the way according to their convenience and use it to make the bookings. There are offline and online ways to make bookings. Both the methods are simple and understandable.

Offline Ways-

•             Using the reservations number of Air France airlines

One can use the reservation number of air France Airlines and talk to the travel representative and make the bookings. There are times when an individual does not know how to use online methods and might get confused. So, an individual can provide the travel expert all the information and start with the reservation process.

•             At the Airport

Another way to make the bookings is by getting to the airport on time. One can make the bookings at the airport by getting in touch with the team of air France. To make the bookings, give the required information to a team member. The passenger needs to provide information like their destination, dates of travel, mail id, etc.

Online Ways-

Online ways which a passenger can use to make Air France Airlines Reservations are following-

•             Through E-Mail:

Using the mail for making the bookings is one of the methods which passengers use. To make the bookings utilizing this option, write a mail for the air France team. The member of air France Airlines will contact the passenger and start with the booking process.

  • Using Air France airlines Application:

Downloading the application is yet another way of making the reservation. The first step is to download the application and on your mobile or any electronic device and follow the steps needed to make the bookings.

•             Through the Air France airlines Official Website:

Visit the official site of Air France airlines. One has to follow steps to make the bookings; start following those steps and make the bookings easily.

Steps to Make A Reservation Via the Official Site-

One can make the bookings for national and international destinations and enjoy the best air travel with Air France airlines. Here are the steps which the passenger has to follow to make the bookings-

•             Open the official website of Air France airlines.

•             Choose the “type of trip” you want to make the bookings for a Round trip, one way, and multi-city.

•             Fill in the name of your arrival and departure destination.

•             Now make the selection of dates of traveling, number of flyers, and class cabin or flight class. Press “enter.”

•             Choose from the “flights list” and then jump to the next step.

•             Enter all the information asked about the passengers.

•             Lastly, “make the payment” for the tickets using the options mentioned to receive the e-ticket.

Know All About Air France airlines Manage Booking-

Are you willing to re-schedule your bookings? Here are the steps that you need to follow for Air France Airlines Manage Booking-

•             Go to the option of “My booking” on the official website.

•             Make the required changes. You can book a seat in a different class cabin or change the date and time of your flight.

•             Confirm the changes made by you, and you are good to go!

Excellent Tips to book cheapest Air France airlines flights-

•             Try and choose the fly during the off-season. Fly season is always cheaper, which will allow the passenger to make bookings at much lesser prices.

•             If you are going on a vacation, choose the cheapest destination possible.

•             Go through the airline’s baggage policy so that you can’t carry over and has to pay extra luggage cost.

•             Use the promo codes if any are available at the time of booking.

•             Enroll in the flyer program “flying blue” and use miles and other benefits to make the bookings.

•             Make the bookings as early as possible. Be an early bird and make reservations at the lowest prices.

*Air France airlines offer the option of “Time to think,” which means you can save your booking and make the booking at the same price for the next three days.

Know About Air France airlines Luggage-

         Type of baggage          Allowance         Dimensions
         Carry-on baggageAirlines allow a maximum       of two carry-on baggageDimension- 55X35X25 cm Weight must not exceed – 12 kgs
           Checked baggageA Flyer can carry up to 4 checked baggageDimension- 158 cm Maximum weight must not        exceed- 23 kgs  
        Personal stuff/ itemOne personal item (cost free)  40X30X15 cm        

*Extra Luggage-

According to the baggage policy of Air France airlines, an individual can carry extra Luggage up to 9. Its weight must not exceed the weight of 23 kgs, and dimension must not exceed 158 cm.

Air France airlines Pet Policy-

Air France allows you to travel with your loving pet. Here is the policy made by airlines for a pet-

•             Only domestic cats and dogs can travel.

•             No giant breeds like pit bulls, mastiffs are allowed.

•             Your pet must weigh less than 13.2 lbs.

•             vaccination of the pet is compulsory

•             The age of the animal must not be less than eight weeks.

•             Pet needs to remain in the kennel and not be allowed to come out of it during flight hours.

Kennel requirements of the pet-

•             Size for onboard kennel- 17x12x8in, 18x11x11in, 20x12x12in

•             Size for in-hold kennel- 21x16x15in, 27x20x19in, 32x22x23in

•             it is important to carry ventilated kennel.

•             It should not be too small or too big. There must be enough space for the pet to turn around.

•             Leak-proof

•             Kennels made of wood, metal, or welded wire are not allowed.

•             Contain absorbent stuff.

Methods used to transport the pet-

•             In passenger cabin- pet needs to remain under the seat in its kennel

•             As checked baggage

When is your pet transported as Freight?

There are cases when the pet cannot travel in the cabin. Those cases are following-

•             If the pet is traveling to a country that allows the pet to come only through the Freight.

•             Or if the weight of the animal and container exceeds 165 lbs or 75 kgs.

*Air France airlines can refuse to transport your pet if it is found aggressive, ill, or not kept in the proper kennel.

If you find the need to know any more information about the Air France airlines, get in touch with the travel representative!


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