Air France Airlines Official Site-Key to Bear the Control the Air Ticketing Tasks

Air France Official Sites

If you do not find it convenient to visit the airport and get the flights booked with Air France Airlines Reservations, then visit Air France Airlines Official Site as it is the only medium that would enable you to get full control over your trip. With this, you may deal with the air ticketing tasks on Air France Airlines Reservations as per your preference.

In case, you get stuck in between the process of booking the flights with Air France Airlines Reservations online, you need to contact the Air France Customer Service via toll-free phone number or mail, or live chat. You can access these options to meet the Air France Reservations experts.

Service that you May Seek from Air France Airlines Official Site

Below following services that you may seek from Air France Airlines official site

  1. Online booking
  2. Online cancellation of the flight
  3. Online manage booking
  4. Information

Many more services are that you may seek from the Air France Airlines official site.

Information that You May Seek at Air France Airlines Official Site

Below are the following detail or information that you may seek on accessing the Air France Official Site.

  1. Baggage Allowance Policy:you need to go through the points stated below to avoid the baggage allowance fees while arriving on the flights.

Economy Class

ItemNo. of bagsWeightDimension
Carry-on BaggageOne carry-on bag12kg55cm x 35cm x 25sm
Checked Baggageone checked bag23kg158cm

Business Class

ItemNo. of bagsWeightDimension
Carry-on Baggagetwo carry-on bags18kg55cm x 35cm x 25sm
Checked BaggageTwo checked bags32kg158cm
  • Cancellation Policy:As per the cancellation policy of Air France Airlines, customers are recommended to cancel the flights within 24 hours of purchasing to avoid cancellation fees.
  • Refund Policy: The Customers are enabled to seek the cancellation with a full refund only when they cancel the refundable tickets within a restricted period (24 hours of bookings) otherwise it will be subjected to the partial refund amount. The refund procedure process within seven days of working.

None of the refund amounts would be provided to the customers canceling the non-refundable airfares but would be availed of the benefits like free meals, beverages, and transport from the airport to your preferred hotel.

  • Detail About the Airlines:To know about the airlines in brief go through the table stated below.
Founded7th October 1933
Frequent-FlyerFlying Blue
HubsCharles de Gaulle Airport, Orly Airport
Fleet Size216
AllianceSkyTeam, SkyTeam Cargo
Contact Number1800 419 2033
  • Route:on booking the flights on Air France Airlines Official Site, you may explore the route which is classified in two highlights which are as given below.

Domestic Routes

Listed below are the domestic route that you may find while making Air France Airlines Reservations.

  1. Paris to Toulouse
  2. Paris to Caen
  3. Paris to Le Mans
  4. Paris to Lyon
  5. Paris to Nice
  6. Paris to Ajaccio

International Routes

List of the International Routes that you may find on booking the flights with Air France Airlines Reservations

  1. Dubai to parish
  2. Istanbul to Paris
  3. Paris to Houston
  4. Munich to Paris
  5. Paris to Washington
  6. Dubai to Paris
  7. Doha to Paris
  8. Paris to Atlanta
  9. Madrid to New York
  10. Moscow to Paris
  11. Paris to Seattle


Listed below are the following destination that you may explore on booking the Air France Airlines Flights.

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Vienna
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Prague
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Chicago
  7. New York
  8. Miami

Various Modes to Book the Flights with Air France Airlines Reservations

Below are the following modes that you may apply to book the Air France flights.

Telephonic: as per this mode of booking, you need to access the phone number and convey all your regards to the experts for seeking an instant reservation on Air France Airlines with this you may avoid making an extra effort on searching and booking the flights online. In case if you are not able to convey your issue with the experts due to the network problem, you have proceeded with another option for booking

Official Site: Within this,you need to access your account linked with Air France Airlines Official Site. But maybe e at times you won’t be able to seek the flights booked online due to technical errors or Wi-Fi connection. To get rid of such circumstances you may choose the above option or the below option.

Ticket Counter at the Airport: Here you need to visit the airport and stand in a queue until your turn comes for booking the flights. This may be hectic for you to stand in IQ for a long time. Remediate such circumstances you need to choose any of the options mentioned above.

Airports that Serves Flights for Air France Airlines

Listed below are the following airports that you may visit to make Air France Airlines Flights Booking

  1. Charles De Gaulle Airport
  2. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  3. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  4. Logan International Airport
  5. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  6. John F Kennedy International Airport
  7. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

How to Make Air France Airlines Reservations Online via Air France Official Site?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to book the flights online via the official site.

Step-1 Firstly, you need to access the Air France Official Site

Step-2 Secondly, Click the option reservations displayed on the homepage& select the trip type .i.e., round trip, one-way trip, and multiple trips.

Step-3 After that, Select the departure destination and arrival destination

Step-4 Then, Fill update of the journey as per your itinerary

Step-5 Once you are done with the above step, Enter the total number of passengers and ensure to provide the correct information.

Step-6 After that, Select the travel class and fare as per your preference.

Step-7 Next, Hit the option search and get the accessible flight options available on themto provide a route.

Step-8 Now, Select the payment option and make payment of your reservations on Air France Airlines.

Step-9 At last, you will be sent a confirmation message regarding your reservations through mail or SMS.