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    Book, Cancel & Change a Flight – Add-on Baggage – Airlines Policy

    Why Us Over Them?

    On one hand, it’s always better to have as much important information about your flight as possible. On the other hand, it’s a big hassle, to go to airline’s websites & searching for their policies.

    The Airlines Official Website is your best shot at getting the latest information & updates regarding your travel requirements. For instance, we provide you with information, regarding,

    • Popular Routes
    • Best Deals & Vacation Packages
    • Vacation Destinations, etc.

    In addition to that, we also make bookings, cancelations, changes, etc., on your behalf. So, why bother wasting your time with all the technical & complex procedure. Rather, you should just sit back & relax. And leave all the worries to us.

    Services We Offer

    Manage Booking

    In short, we help you look up your flight reservations, like the travel date, seating options, passenger details. Also, we help you amend your booking, should you wish to do that.

    Cancel Bookings

    We understand that not every plan comes to fruition. That is why, one of our services is, flight cancelation. To summarize, if you wish to cancel your flight without having to go through the hassle. Then, just give us a call, and we’ll get the cancelation process done.

    Change Flight

    Plans change from time to time, it’s no surprise. Therefore, if you’re looking to postpone your flight or maybe amend some details. Then, Airlines Official Sites is the place for you, just give us a call and request a change. After that, sit back, relax & wait for the good news.

    Claim Refund

    In short, just because your plans are ruined, doesn’t mean that you have to lose your money too. That is to say, you can claim refunds on your ticket, depending on your fare class & airline.

    Upgrade Flight

    In case you’re looking to upgrade your fare class, you don’t need to go to the website & waste your time. Instead, just give us a class, and one of our agents will take down your details. And get right onto upgrading your airline ticket.

    Flight Status

    Looking to check the live status of your flight? Well, if you are, one of our agents can help you do that easily, just give us a call.

    Online Check-In

    In addition, you can also check-in for your flight online through us. However, depending on your airline & fare policies, you may have to check-in at the airport.

    Seat Selection

    In case you didn’t select seat during the booking process, we can help you with that. All you need to do is contact us. Although, depending on the airline & fare type, the prices of seats may differ.

    Track Travel Funds

    Lastly, most airlines provide flight credits or travel funds for non-refundable tickets. In addition, many airlines also provide these funds on fares that are deemed as a no-show. Then, these can be used to book some other flight with the airline. And you can contact us & we’ll update you on your travel funds on any of your unused flight tickets.

    Major Airlines

    The Airlines Official Sites provides services for some of the most prominent airlines operating in the US. So, if you’re looking to travel through any of these carriers, we should be your first call.

    Then, let us discuss some of these prominent airlines:

    United Airlines

    Being one of the major airlines in the United States of America, United fly all around the country. In addition, it is also the founding member of the Star Alliance. Also, United offers a variety of deals & offers to its passengers.

    Delta Air Lines

    Another prominent low-cost carrier in the US, it’s also one of he most highly ranked airlines in the country. Also, Delta is known for always being on time & for its extensive routes. In addition to that, Delta Air Lines provides passengers exclusive reward programs.

    British Airways

    A prominent airline in the United Kingdom, known for its excellent customer assistance. Also, it aims to provide passengers with a comfortable travel experience. In addition, British Airways also offers a low-fare finder for passengers.

    Air Canada

    In short, Air Canada is the largest airline operating in Canada. Also, it’s known for being at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry. Other than that, Air Canada offers its passengers a very flexible fare structure & amenity.

    Air France

    One of the most prominent airlines in France, Air France aims for customer satisfaction. Also, the airline offers premium services, and provide low-cost air tickets to a variety of destinations.

    Southwest Airlines

    Being the world’s largest low-cost carrier, it’s easy to understand why Southwest is so popular. In addition to that, Southwest also has a low-cost finder/calendar for passengers.

    Top Deals & Offers

    Make the most of your trip. Get the best deals on a number of travel routes & airlines, by booking through us. In addition, we constantly keep in touch with the latest airlines’ offers & deals.

    Vacation Packages

    Also, we help you book the latest vacation packages with the airlines you prefer. After all, who likes booking 10 different things separately, when you can just pay once for the entire trip?

    Customer Assistance

    In case you’ve got any problems, issues, or queries regarding your flight or travel plans, do not worry. In fact, just give our customer assistance number a call, and we will see to its resolution.

    Call Now: +1-888-906-1815

    United Airlines: United is a major airline in the United States. It was founded on 6 April 1926 under the name Varney Airlines. The airline officially commenced operations on 28 March 1931. United is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance. The hub airport of United is Chicago O’ Hare International Airport.

    Delta Airlines: Delta is a major American airline and a legacy carrier. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline with its associates operates over 5000 flights daily. Delta operates scheduled flights to 325 destinations in 52 countries and 6 continents. It is the founding member of Sky Team Alliance.

    British Airways: British Airways, commonly known as BA, is the major flag carrier of the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in Harmondsworth, England. The major airport hubs of BA are Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, and Berlin Templehof Airport. It was founded on 31 March 1974 and had a fleet size of 254. BA is a member of the One World Alliance.

    Air Canada- Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada and is a flag carrier. The airline was founded on 10 April 1937. Its major hubs are Vancouver International Airport and Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. It is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The airline operates scheduled flights to 222 destinations worldwide and has a fleet size of 166. Air Canada is the founding member of Star Alliance.

    Air France-Air France is the flag carrier and major commercial airline of France. It was founded on 7 October 1933. It is a member of Sky Team Alliance. Its major hubs are Charles De Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport. The airline has a fleet size of 216. you need to contact the Air France Customer Service via toll-free phone number or mail or live chat. You can access these options to meet the Air France Reservations experts.

    American Airlines– Being one of the major airlines in the USA, American Airlines has earned immense popularity among the people. American Airlines Flights delivers a safe onboard journey with maximum comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Visit American Airlines Official Site and make your American Airlines Reservations and avail of the best travel experience with a hassle-free process in no time.

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