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    Whatever you wish to know about Southwest Airlines’ updated policy is right here. This post will include the Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, information on what constitutes oversized, overweight luggage, special treatments such as a wheelchair, sports equipment. You will also learn about Southwest’s rules and regulations regarding traveling with children and pets. Continue reading till the end for an interesting FAQs session.

    About Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

    Southwest is popular for its flexible approach towards baggage policy. As per “Bags Fly Free” all passengers can carry one carry-on luggage, one personal item such as a laptop, purse for no extra fees. Moreover, When the luggage falls under the overweight and oversized bags category extra fees will be included. Likewise, specific sporting equipment will acquire applicable fees as they will not be covered under” Bags Fly Free”. Read below for what constitutes oversized and overweight baggage. Now, see what qualifies under the cabin luggage in the sections below.

    Southwest Airlines Carry-On Bag Details:

    The size measurements of carry-on luggage are (24*16*10) inches or (61*41*28) centimeters. This is the linear measurement which means the measurements of wheels and handles as well. The carry-on luggage should be small enough to fit beneath the passenger’s seat or in the overhead bin. The personal bag should fit in the passenger’s seat in front of them.

    Southwest has a list of items that are considered personal items and, therefore, can be carried free. Now, let’s go through the items that cannot be count as personal items under the “1 bag and 1 personal item flies free” section under Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy.

    • Although Southwest has not put a limit to how many assistive or mobility devices a passenger with a disability can bring on the plane, it is not a part of the policy.
    • Clothing or other wearable items.
    • Food packed in disposable packaging.
    • Passenger’s child restraint device.
    • Umbrellas and walking canes.

    How Much is Baggage on southwest Airlines?

    Below are the Southwest extra baggage fees based on different conditions

    ConditionFees Applicable
    Flying with extra luggage$75
    Having more than ten bags in your luggage$110
    Over 50 pounds of luggage$75
    Luggage size over 62 inches$75

    Details About Oversized, Overweight, And Extra Baggage

    The airline allows two checked bags to fly for free as per Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy. If you are traveling with more than two checked bags you have to pay an additional fee.

    Exceptions are given to US military personnel as their direct dependents. But what about oversized, overweight, and extra baggage. Let’s find out.

    Oversized Baggage

    A fee of 75USD is charged for every baggage going over the size requirements. When the baggage measures 160-292 centimeters or 63-115 inches (linear) it comes under oversized baggage. When the bag exceeds the given limit, under Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, the airline will not accept checked baggage.

    Overweight Baggage

    Every airline has weight restrictions for their baggage. Southwest has weight restrictions for checked baggage as well. The accepted standard weight is 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. Oversized bags are bags falling between 51 to 100 pounds or 24 to 46 kilograms. The airline charges 75USD per oversized bag.

    According to their policy, Southwest will not accept bags exceeding 46 kilograms or 100 pounds and therefore will not be considered checked baggage.

    Extra Bags

    Since there are no charges for the first two checked bags, passengers are expected to pay an extra fee of 75USD per item starting from the third bag. Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy has updated its policy for some routes. The passengers traveling on these routes are allowed to carry just two checked bags.

    Visit for more details on the route.

    Traveling With Infants And Children

    As per Southwest’s policy, adult passengers traveling with children up to 2 years of age, do not require to purchase their seat. They will be considered a lap child. It is necessary to inform the airlines before a passenger board the plane with an infant. One adult passenger is allowed to bring one lap child. If you are traveling with more than one infant, you need to purchase a separate ticket for the other infant.

    Please make sure you carry a birth certificate or other identification proof of the infant such as a shot record. You will be asked to show it at the check-in.

    If you wish to purchase a ticket for your infant, you can do that but carry a proper child restraint device (one with a strong harness) to ensure the kid will be safe on board.

    Southwest follows Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety guidelines and allows all the medications and assistive devices in the cabin that FAA approves. This includes canes, crutches, walkers, CPAP machines, etc. If you are traveling with an assistive device, please inform the airlines in advance to fully prepare for you.


    All aircraft of Southwest is designed to have a wheelchair storage compartment. The compartment can fit at least one wheelchair, that is of standard adult size and is collapsible. In some aircraft, the storage compartment is at the rear, and in some, it is in the forward section of the aircraft.

    Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy follows a first-come, first-served basis for the availability of the wheelchair compartment. Please notify the airline in advance if you require its services.

    Sports Equipment

    Only those sports equipment that comes under the size and weight restrictions can be accepted as checked baggage. Have a look at the list of sports equipment:

    • Golf Bag
    • Ski
    • Fishing apparatus
    • Hockey equipment
    • Lacrosse equipment

    Visit for the entire list of equipment that is allowed under Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy.

    Musical Instruments

    Similar to sports equipment, musical instruments also fall in the special luggage category under the Southwest baggage policy. There are specific guidelines for traveling with musical instruments on a Southwest flight. The airline’s policy states that if the passenger’s musical instrument exceeds the maximum size limit allowed for carry-on baggage, it can be brought on board if it will be able to fit under the flight seat or in the overhead bin.

    The passenger will be required to purchase a separate flight seat for their musical instrument if it is too big in size to fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. There are a few other conditions the passenger will have to keep in mind when purchasing a seat for the musical instrument. First, the instrument in the seat should not be blocking the aircraft signage. It should also be well secured with the seat belt. Your instruments in no condition will be transported in the place of a free companion.

    If your musical instrument is too big to be secured in the seat, it will be transported as checked baggage only. The airline allows your musical instrument to be checked in substitution of one free checked baggage allowed under the baggage policy. If the maximum dimensions of the instrument exceed the limit of 150 linear inches, it will not be eligible for transport. Also, the maximum weight limit for the instrument is 165 pounds.

    Traveling With Pets

    Southwest only allows small pets such as cats and dogs to accompany the passenger in the cabin. They are to be kept in the pet carrier for the entire duration of the flight. The passenger needs to pay the pet fare, which is 95USD if you are traveling with a small cat or a dog. The fare is applicable for one pet carrier.

    The airline does not ask to show a health certificate for the pet. Also, Southwest does not allow pets with an illness, poor kennel training, or aggressive behavior on their airplane. Please check Southwest airlines official site for additional information on their pet policy.

    What size is carry-on luggage?

    A carry-on bag for Southwest must be 24*16*10 inches in size. If you see measures in linear inches, these refer to the bag’s overall length, breadth, and height. So, the linear size for a carry-on for Southwest is 50 inches.

    Where to buy carry-on luggage?

    We recommend that you verify the airline’s baggage size and weight restrictions before purchasing carry-on luggage. The dimensions for domestic flights are generally 45 linear inches. However, this may differ from international flights.

    What are the dimensions of carry-on luggage?

    Bag dimensions refer to the bag’s length, width, and height. The measurements of the wheels and handles are also included. Moreover, 22*14*9 inches is the usual size for carry-on baggage. This covers the handle and wheel sizes. If you see measures in linear inches, these refer to the bag’s overall length, breadth, and height.

    What is allowed in your carry-on luggage?

    TSA screens all goods that are authorized in carry-on luggage. Moreover, clothing, medications, electronic devices, make-up, and toiletries can all be carried in carry-on bags. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are permitted in carry-on luggage, but only in quantities of less than 3.4 oz/100 ml. Moreover, a comprehensive list of things is available on the TSA website.
    About medications: the following medications are permitted in carry-on luggage:
    · A sedative (if you are a nervous traveler)
    · Anti-nausea medication
    · Bandages
    · Chewing gum (for air pressure changes)
    · Earplugs (good for travel in general)
    · Medication for anything you are prone to, such as allergies.
    · pain reliever
    · Meshes

    What is the maximum size for carry-on luggage?

    There is no standard size because each airline has its criteria for size and weight. However, if we had to offer you a maximum size for carry-on luggage, it would be (56 x 36 x 23) cm or (22 * 14 * 9). Keep in mind that we’ve also included the dimensions of the wheels and handles.

    What is carry-on luggage?

    A carry-on bag is a bag that you are permitted to bring into the cabin with you. Furthermore, it is distinct from a personal bag (A handbag, laptop, or small backpack are examples of personal items).
    The carry-on luggage should be small enough to fit beneath the passenger’s seat or even in the overhead compartment.

    What are the measurements for carry-on luggage?

    Domestic carry-on luggage sizes and international carry-on luggage sizes are measured differently. But don’t worry; most of the time, there’s only a bit of a difference.
    According to Southwest Airlines baggage policy, a carry-on must be 24*16*10 inches in size. If you see measures in linear inches, these refer to the bag’s overall length, breadth, and height. Always check the airline’s website before purchasing carry-on luggage to prevent any misunderstanding.

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