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    Last updated on October 29th, 2022 at 10:09 pm

    Air travel has gone from a miracle to reality to a necessity of life. When was the last time you traveled across the state by train? Anytime we want to travel anywhere, we all prefer flights. Sure, the seats & security lines are not very symbolic of vacation. But when you can travel halfway around the world in one day, you can’t complain. Therefore, airlines will keep booming as long as people have wanderlust. And trust us, people will always want to travel. So, it’s essential to have the necessary information on various airlines to choose the best one for you. Therefore, in this article we’ll give a complete guide about Delta Air Lines which includes Official Website Details and in depth uses, Delta Contact Details, International Flight Services Offered by Delta and Ticket Booking Process With Delta Reservations.

    Delta Air lines – Company Information

    HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia
    Fleet Size872 Aircrafts
    Destinations Covered242

    Delta Air Lines is a legacy carrier in the U.S.; it’s among the oldest airlines in the world. Also, Delta Air Lines has nine hubs throughout the globe, the biggest one being Atlanta. In addition, a little unknown fact is that Delta is the founding member of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance.

    So, let’s discuss some facts about Delta. For instance, at present, Delta Air Lines has a fleet of 872 aircraft, consisting of:


    And aside from this, Delta has ordered 236 more aircraft to increase the fleet size. As well as replace the old planes. Also, Delta flies to 242 cities, in 52 countries, across six continents globally. Visit Delta Airlines’ official site for more details on the airline’s destinations.

    It’s so hard to imagine how far humanity has come with constant innovations & technological advances.

    Delta Airline In Flight Services & Amenities

    Delta Airline provides best in class services and amenities, lets check them out.

    What are Delta In-Flight Services?

    Delta Air Lines provide certain services to passengers during their flights. However, not every service is available to every customer. That is to say; there are specific criteria that determine a passenger’s eligibility for a service.

    Does Delta Airlines Provides On-Board Wi-Fi in Flight?

    Yes, Delta Airlines provide onboard Wi-Fi service to passengers. So, no more going offline from your social media during flights. Instead, just connect to in the connection list & purchase the Wi-Fi pass.

    Also, passengers don’t have to purchase a Wi-Fi pass to Book, Change or Check the Status of a Delta flight.

    Special Meals Provided on Delta International Flights

    Passengers can request special meals for them for their flight. In Delta International Flights customers are offered with variety of special meals that passengers can choose from during the flight booking process:

    Vegetarian Meals




    Religious Meals




    Dietary Meals



    Low Fat/Cholesterol/Calorie




    In Short, passengers on Delta Flight can enjoy great variety of beverages & food. In addition, on select flights, some passengers can also enjoy particular regional delicacies. However, there are specific criteria for different travel class and destinations. Moreover, if you want preferred in-flight food, then you can do that after making your reservations.

    Delta Airlines Check-In Process – Priority Boarding

    Delta Air Lines divides the boarding process based on particular criteria. So, below is the list of boarding priorities, from first to last:

    • Passengers with Disabilities
    • Active U.S. Military Members
    • Delta One Members
    • Delta Premium Select/First Class Passengers
    • Delta Comfort+ Members
    • Sky Priority Members
    • Main Cabin I
    • Main Cabin II
    • Main Cabin III
    • Basic Economy

    Delta Air Lines divide their fare/cabin into four classes. That is to say, the classes differ based on price & amenities that they offer to the passengers. In addition, passengers can buy some extra services available to them on Delta

    Delta Air lines Cabin Classes

    Delta Flight has different cabin for different travel class tickets. Features and facilities are different in all the flight classes so as their fares. Delta Flights are divided into four cabin classes:

    Delta Basic Economy

    To summarize, this is the most affordable amongst the Delta Air Lines cabin classes. However, keep in mind that Basic Economy fares are not refundable & are not eligible for changes. Also, being the most affordable fare, there are a lot of restrictions on this fare class.

    Basic Economy vs Main Cabin

    • Firstly, passengers cannot earn flyer miles on this fare.
    • Secondly, Delta will automatically assign the seat after check-in.
    • Thirdly, it lacks many of the amenities present in higher fare classes.

    Main Cabin

    The Main Cabin fare is the second most affordable fare available to the passengers. However, unlike Basic Economy, it’s not that restrictive. There are many facilities in this class over basic economy.

    Main Cabin vs Basic Economy

    • Unlike basic economy in main cabin flight passengers are eligible for advanced seat selection.
    • Main Cabin seats are more comfortable with extra legroom as compared to Basic Economy.
    • Delta converts the fare amount to eCredits for future Flight Booking, in case of cancelation.
    • Flight Change is free with Main Cabin Booking which is chargeable in Basic Economy.

    Delta Comfort Plus

    After that, Delta Comfort Plus is the next class after Main Cabin. And like previously, this class has some advantages over the Main Cabin, but it’s also more expensive. Also, this fare class has seats with 3 inches more legroom than the Main Cabin seats.

    Delta Comfort Plus Perks

    • Firstly, passengers have dedicated overhead bin spaces.
    • Secondly, passengers get to deplane quicker than Basic Economic & Main Cabin.
    • Thirdly, alcoholic beverages & premium snacks.
    • Also, passengers get access to their power outlets.
    • And Complimentary Delta Studio Entertainment and Wi-Fi access.

    Delta First Class

    Delta First Class is the most premium cabin class available to passengers & of course the most expensive. So, it’s no shock when we tell you that this class offers passengers the most comfortable seats. In addition, passengers get priority access to the airport & the boarding procedures.

    To clarify, first-class passengers get through the airport & board before all the other cabin classes. And Delta provides them all the services they provide to all the other classes.

    Delta First Class Benefits

    • Priority Boarding
    • Two Checked Baggage Allowance
    • Personalized Flight Attendant Service
    • Premium Meals

    You can choose your travel class at the time of making your flight booking through the Delta Airlines official site.

    Delta Airlines Business Class (Delta One)

    Business Class is simply the best and incomparable, for instance in Delta Business Class Flight, seats can be reclined to 180 degree with extra comfort cushioning. Special meals with preferred alcoholic beverage, Pillows, Blanket, Toiletries, Entertainment Screens and what not. We’ve got you another article on Delta Airlines Business Class – Delta One, a must read for amenities, services, pricing and pros n cons for business class booking.

    Delta Airline – Basic Policies Overview

    Delta Airline play by strict rules, those rules can change from time to time. Similarly, Delta Air Lines periodically amend these policies & guidelines to ensure safe & comfortable travel for passengers.

    Therefore, below we’ve given you the latest updates on Delta Air Lines policies:

    • Firstly, Delta has removed the flight change & cancelation fee. However, this only applies to Main Cabin fares & above and for flights operating from North America. Also, the same rule applies to flights originating from the Caribbean to N.A/Mexico.
    • That is to say, flights originating outside of North America or Basic Economy fares for Delta flights are still liable to pay change/cancelation charges.
    • Secondly, in case of cancelation, Delta will convert the fare amount into eCredits. Although, this only applies to non-refundable fares or in the case of a no-show.
    • In case of change, passengers are liable to pay any difference in the original & new fare price.
    • Thirdly, Delta has removed the Award Ticket redeposit/reissue fee. So, passengers who change/cancel their flight at least 72-hours before departure will pay no charge.
    • Fourthly, Delta Air Lines has a 24-hours cooling-off period. That is to say; every fare is refundable if canceled within 24-hours of booking.
    • Also, Delta will convert the fare amount of canceled non-refundable fares into eCredits.
    • Lastly, Delta Air Lines no longer blocks the middle seats during booking. It was done as a precaution against COVID. However, according to the latest guidelines, it is safe to travel like before.

    Details on the various policies of the airline can be found on Delta Airlines Official Site.

    Delta SkyMiles Program

    Delta SkyMiles Program offered by Delta Airlines is a point based program in which points are being credited to the flyer’s delta account if their ticket falls under the program. Customer can even book Delta Tickets through the points they have in their account. Passenger can also use those points to purchase,

    • Delta Air Lines flights
    • Delta Vacation Packages
    • Upgrades at Delta Sky Club

    Also, there are a lot of benefits & freedom related to this program, like:

    • Firstly, the SkyMiles club is free to join. You can go through the joining process by visiting Delta Airlines’ official site.
    • Secondly, the flyer miles have no validity limitations.
    • Thirdly, there is no upper limit to the flyer miles a passenger can earn.

    In addition, Delta offers its most loyal SkyMiles customer an even elevated status amongst the SkyMiles club. Known as the SkyMiles Medallion, the members of this status receive even more perks than regular SkyMiles members. For instance,

    • Most importantly, medallion members get to sit in the first row.
    • Also, medallion members earn up to 3 miles per $1 spent.
    • Lastly, medallion members don’t have to pay charges for their first checked baggage.

    Delta Airlines Popular Routes

    • Atlanta to,
      • Washinton DC
      • Los Angeles
    • Boston to,
      • Amsterdam
      • Tampa
    • Salt Lake City to,
      • Ontario
      • Detroit
    • Minneapolis to,
      • Phoenix
      • Orlando
    • New York City to,
      • Los Angeles
      • Las Vegas

    Delta Reservations – Deals and Vacation Packages

    Delta Reservations desk offers best in class deals and vacation packages to its customers. When you book a Delta Flight over the phone directly with delta representative, you can get better deals which are not published online. These deals are offered under special programs in which customer gets the best deals depending upon its past bookings like loyalty programs. In addition, to a customer satisfaction-oriented service & stretched-out routes, Delta also understands financial restrictions. Therefore, they provide their customers with a host of deals & offers.

    Thus, making their travel experiences more satisfactory & lighter on their bank accounts. So, below we’ve shown some of the deals & packages that Delta offers:

    Delta Vacations Packages

    In short, Delta Air Lines provides several vacation packages to passengers with additional perks. For instance, Flyer Miles, Discounted Rates, Complimentary/Affordable Accommodation, etc. So, let’s discuss these packages,

    Limited Time

    In short, Delta provides passengers booking this package with flight & accommodation. In addition, they can get up to $400 worth of Delta Gift Cards & 75,000 bonus flyer miles.

    However, this package is only available to SkyMiles Members.

    Promo Code – SMGIFT400

    Beach Destinations

    Enjoy a vacation package with flight and accommodation in the prestigious Melia Hotel for unbelievable prices. Although, as the name suggests, this package is only available for beach destinations & SkyMiles members. For instance,

    • Cancun
    • Cozumel
    • Los Cabos
    • Puerto Vallarta
    • Riviera Maya
    • Punta Cana

    Top 10-Family Friendly Vacations

    In short, as the name suggests, passengers can book family vacation packages with Delta at remarkable prices. So, just book & take away your family on a magical vacation whenever you’re ready.

    This package holds ten individual deals/destinations:


    To make your group reservations, visit Delta Group Travel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How do I talk to Delta customer service?

    There are different customer service numbers for different issues. Select the best Delta Customer Service number according to your need.

    General Sales & Services800 221 1212
    SkyMiles Members800 323 2323
    Flight Information800 325 1999
    International Sales & Services800 241 4141
    Refund Status800 847 0578
    Baggage Assistance800 325 8224
    Accessible Travel Services404 209 3434
     800 455 2720
    Customer Assistance for Spanish Speaking Customers800 511 9629

    So, just call any number, follow the IVR instructions & connect with a Delta representative.

    Q. Do you need a Covid test to fly Delta?

    In short, passengers flying on a domestic route on Delta Air Lines do not need to get a COVID test done.

    However, carrying a negative COVID test report for international flights is necessary. Regardless of the passenger’s nationality.

    Also, the passenger must get the test done at most 1-day before the flight’s departure. And at most 48 hours before entering the United States of America.

    Q. How do I contact Delta about my refund?

    In order to contact Delta Airlines regarding your refund, the best method is to talk to a Delta Refund team at +1-800-847-0578.

    Then, follow the IVR instruction. After that, provide your flight information & ask for a refund.

    Q. Do you need to be vaccinated to fly Delta?

    In short, yes, according to the CDC guidelines, passengers need to be fully vaccinated to travel on Delta. However, in the case of allergic passengers or omitted from taking vaccines. Then, they can travel on Delta Air Lines, but they must carry a vaccine exception form with them.

    Also, Delta considers a passenger is fully vaccinated if they have both their doses & booster shots. And the last shot was administered at least 14-days before the departure.

    Q. Can Delta eCredits be refunded?

    To summarize, Delta Air Lines will only refund eCredits under one specific circumstance. That is, in the event of the death of the passenger, companion, or close family member. Then, Delta will reimburse the eCredit amount.

    However, you can only use eCredits to book a future flight under normal circumstances.

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