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    Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 10:40 am

    People usually experience several difficulties in getting the correct information on the airlines with which they book their flights. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, enjoy stress-free, comfortable travel, leaving you free to sit back, relax and focus on your trip! Caribbean Airlines make sure that individuals who book with them are not left in the dark and are aware of every piece of information; hence, there is a single place where each passenger can obtain the proper piece of information. Caribbean Airlines official site provides all of its passengers with the necessary information.

    For assistance with booking flights, talk to experts at Flight Booking Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).

    HeadquartersPiarco, Trinidad, Tobago
    Fleet size20
    No. of Destinations23

    Caribbean Airlines Class Cabins

    The airlines have created class cabins as per the customer’s needs and comfort. Selection of class cabin depends on the budget of the flyer, conditions, flight duration, and much more. The details of the cabin class of this airline are as follows:

    Economy Class

    The flight attendants are committed to providing you with a warm welcome and genuine hospitality. It’s all part of what it means to be the Caribbean.

    Business Class

    The absolute joy of Caribbean Airlines Business-Class travel includes:

    • Dedicated check-in.
    • The Business Class lounge provides leisure and comfort.
    • Booking priority & luggage recovery.
    • The Business Class cabin has been redesigned with new reclining chairs.
    • Leather chairs that are very spacious and comfortable.
    • A 45-inch seat pitch provides plenty of room to extend your legs.
    • 13.3-inch video seatback touch displays for viewing onboard in-flight entertainment.

    Manage Booking via Caribbean Airlines Official Site

    As one cannot predict the future conditions, people sometimes have to make the changes and amend their bookings at the last minute. So Caribbean airlines provide the facility of managing the bookings.

    (If you have any doubt about when Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking, get in touch with the travel representative by calling +1-888-906-1815).

    Check-In For Your Flight

    Caribbean Airlines offer easy and simple ways to check-in. Complicated ways of check-in make it a little difficult for the passengers to complete this process. Here are the ways one can use to check-in-

    Online check-in

    If the passenger opts for this way of check-in, they can avoid long queues. Passengers need to check-in 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Nowadays, people prefer this way of check-in.

    Airport check-in

    For airport check-in, one needs to reach the airport 3 hours before the take-off time. It is crucial to get to the airport on time for check-in. One can even check in using the check-in counters located at the airport. If the flyer does not show up 1 hour before the departure time, their seat might get reassigned to another passenger.

    Cancellation Policy

    According to the cancellation policy, if you cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of the purchase, you will be entitled to receive a full refund. The flight booking must have been made a week or more before the scheduled departure. If the passengers wish to cancel their flight only a few hours before the scheduled departure and the booking was made less than a week before the scheduled departure, they will have to pay the penalty for the same. The amount charged as a penalty will depend on your purchased fare type. For more information please visit

    Refund Policy

    The 24-Hour Refund Policy stated above will not be applied if you are doing domestic travel between Trinidad and Tobago. Also, if the cancellation was made after these 24 hours, a cancellation fee ranging from $100-$500 shall be applied. Once you have applied for a refund, Caribbean Airlines will process it within 7-21 days. Refunds will be made through the same mode of payment that the customer used during the ticket purchase. After a refund has been requested, you can get to know about its progress by contacting the Caribbean Airlines Refunds Department.

    Luggage Policy

    Go through the policies of baggage before making Caribbean Airlines Reservations. It helps in planning the luggage accordingly.

    • One personal item and one carry-on thing are allowed. If you are carrying your laptop or purse, then the size must not exceed 91 cm.
    • The fee for checked or hold luggage depends on the number of bags. One has to pay a fee per bag.
    • Not all sports types of equipment are free. For carrying some sports equipment, the flyers have to pay a fee.
    • If an individual carries overweight and oversized baggage, then the fee depends on the weight and size of the luggage.
    • The checked baggage weight must not exceed 23 kgs, and its size should not exceed 157 cm.
    • Dimensions of checked baggage must not exceed 114cm/45inches
    • Carry-on baggage must not exceed 114 cm and weight of 10 kgs.

    Pet Policy

    Here are the points explaining the pet policy of Caribbean airlines-

    • The pet’s weight must not exceed 32 kgs, which weight includes the weight of the kennel.
    • Dimensions of the kennel should remain up to 292 cm and up to 191 cm in length.
    • If the dimensions and weight exceed these, then one needs cargo service.
    • Dogs and cats get accepted under the pet policy.
    • Passenger has to pay the taxes according to the point of origin.

    Methods used to transport the pet-

    • As baggage- Pet is kept in the temperature-controlled and pressure-controlled area of the plane.
    • As cargo- Similar situations are provided to the pet when transported as cargo.

    Flight Change Policy

    One of the greatest airlines in terms of flexibility for its passengers. The Caribbean Airlines Modify Flight Policy allows you to change the date of your ticket by going to the Caribbean Airlines official site. You must go to Caribbean Airlines’ official site, then click on the Manage Travel area and submit the modification form. You will not be charged any additional costs if you alter the date within 24 hours. Passengers can also modify the date offline by phoning Caribbean Airlines or visiting a local ticket outlet. Passengers on Caribbean Airlines will be charged a fee if they wish to change their flight. The flight change cost is generally determined by the price type and the route of your destination.

    Caribbean Club – Flyer Program of Caribbean Airlines

    Join Caribbean Club and enjoy a wide range of benefits! Enjoy open access to all the facilities and services that will make your trip with Caribbean Airlines as relaxing and hassle-free as can be. Skip the queues by checking in at Business Class counters and enjoy a warm welcome in Business Class lounges at specified airports around the world, as well as a wide range of other Caribbean Club benefits.

    Benefits of Caribbean Club Member

    • When you join the Club, you will be automatically enrolled in Caribbean Miles and will receive additional welcome Miles.
    • Check-in at the Caribbean Club or Business Class counters.
    • Many countries provide access to hospitality lounges and business centres.
    • Access is limited to Caribbean Airlines destinations.
    • Priority boarding on fully booked flights, as well as priority luggage handling.
    • Boarding priority.
    • Five (5) complimentary penalty waiver vouchers for date changes
    • The Caribbean Airlines Duty Free store at Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport offers a 10% discount.
    • Discounts at a variety of hotels in the Caribbean.

    Please Note –

    1. Benefits only apply to flights operated by Caribbean Airlines. To enter lounges, show your valid boarding pass and your valid Caribbean Club card on a same-day trip.
    2. This rule does not apply to flights between Trinidad and Tobago or flights using ATR aircraft.

    Popular Caribbean Airlines Routes

    Here is a selection of Caribbean Airlines routes if you have flexible travel plans.

    1. Kingston to Fort Lauderdale
    2. New York to Montego Bay
    3. Montego Bay to New York
    4. Kingston to New York

    Caribbean Airlines Deals & Offers

    Information about the latest flight deals and offers can be easily found on Caribbean Airlines’ official site.

    For Senior CitizensSenior citizens (aged 60 years and over) will receive: 10% off FLEX fares (Economy Class)10% off BIZ FLEX fares (Business Class)This offer is not available on domestic travel between Trinidad & Tobago.
    For ChildrenChildren aged 2 – 11 years of age will enjoy a discounted fare on domestic travel between Trinidad and Tobago.
    For StudentsStudents attending approved tertiary-level institutions will be offered a discount on CLASSIC and FLEX Branded Fares.Student discounts are not available for LITE, BIZ, & BIZ FLEX branded fares.

    Are you having trouble making your flight reservation? Get assistance by calling the Flight Booking Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).


    Q. Will I receive a refund for flights canceled by Caribbean Airlines?

    A. Yes, you will receive a full refund if your flight was canceled by Caribbean Airlines or you cancel within 24 hours of the flight departure.

    Q. What is interline booking?

    A. Interline Booking is a means to provide travel to passengers who need flights with multiple airlines to reach their desired destination.

    Q. Does Caribbean Airlines overbook flights?

    A. Yes, like most airlines Caribbean Airlines also overbook its flights.

    Q. Will I earn miles if I fly with any of the partner airlines?

    A. Yes, passengers will earn miles for flying with any of the partner airlines of Caribbean Airlines.

    Q. Where can I report if my baggage is damaged?

    A. You will have to contact a Caribbean Airlines representative at the airport before you leave.

    Q. Is the 24-hour refund policy applicable for travel between Trinidad and Tobago?

    A. No, if you fly between Trinidad and Tobago, you won’t be eligiblee for the 24-hour refund policy.

    Q. How many suitcases are permitted on the Caribbean Airlines?

    A. Each passenger is allowed

    • One carry-on bag and
    • One personal item like a briefcase, backpack, handbag, or laptop bag.

    Q. How can I speak customer representative on the Caribbean Airlines?

    A. Passengers can speak to the customer staff by calling 1 (800) 920-4225.

    Q. is it worth to travel with Caribbean Airlines?

    A. The Caribbean Airline is one of the best airlines which allows flyers to reach their destination. This airline offers fantastic offers and discounts to all their passengers, making the journey more economical. Caribbean Airlines provides Caribbean flights, reasonable rates, greater legroom and comfort, complimentary meals and in-flight entertainment, and Caribbean Miles awards!

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