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Caribbean Airlines Official Site

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    Caribbean Airlines Official Sites- A detailed guide of reliable and correct information

    Often, people face many problems in getting accurate information about the airlines they make bookings with. Caribbean airlines make sure that people who book with them do not stay in the dark and do not remain unaware of each piece of information; that is why there is one place where each passenger can find the right piece of information. That place is the Caribbean Airlines Official Site. Caribbean Airlines Official website is there to provide all the information to all its customers. Whether an individual has confusion about policies like baggage, check-in, etc., or wants to know about the class cabins, the flyer program, and many other things, etc., they can resolve all their queries at once with the help of the official site.

    The Caribbean airline is one of the best airlines which allows flyers to reach their destination. The number of terminals to which this airline has given its services is 305. This airline flies to over 122 airports. The fleet size of the aircraft of this airline is 20.  on 19th September 2006, and it started with its operations from 1st January 2007. This airline offers fantastic offers and discounts to all their passengers, which makes the journey more economical.

     HeadquartersPiarco, Trinidad, Tobago
      HubsPort of Spain            
    Kingston-Norman Manley            
    Georgetown- Cheddi Jagan   

     Some of the destinations to which Caribbean airlines fly to-

    Here are some of the destinations which the Caribbean airlines fly to-

    •             Georgetown

    •             Fort Lauderdale

    •             Orlando

    •             New York

    •             St. Maarten

    •             Montego Bay

    •             Nassau

    •             Toronto

    •             Miami

    •             Kingston

    What all information is available on Caribbean Airlines Official Site-

    There is some of the most critical information available on the site. There are some basic rules and policies of airlines which is a flyer should know. Information that one will find on the official site are the following-

    Frequent Flyer Program of Caribbean airlines-

    The name of the program that Caribbean airlines offer to its flyer is ‘Caribbean miles.’ This program is for the people who catch Caribbean flights more frequently. Each time a passenger boards the plane, they receive miles. One needs to use Caribbean Airlines Frequent Flyer VISA credit card or RBC royal bank card or shop with the airline partners, Massy and Hertz.

    Benefits of the program-

    •             Priority boarding

    •             Priority bookings

    •             Priority check-in

    •             Priority Baggage handling

    •             Access to airport lounge

    •             Seating of an individual’s choice

    •             Permission to carry additional checked baggage

    About Caribbean airline class cabins-

    Caribbean airlines work for all types of passengers. The airlines have created each class cabin as per the customers need and comfort. Selection of class cabin depends on a budget of the flyer, conditions, flight duration, and much more. The class cabin of this airline is following-

    •             Economy Class Cabin

    When boarding the economy class cabin, the team works their best to give all the facilities to their flyers. Along with comfortable seating, passengers get a complimentary non-alcoholic drink. One can watch their favorite show or movies. One can take advantage of WIFI and stay in touch with their friends and loved ones.

    •             Premium Economy Class Cabin

    When an individual makes the bookings for Premium Economic Class Cabin, they get some added benefits compared to the economy class.

    •             Business Class Cabin

    This one is the most luxurious class cabin. Airlines offer utmost comfort to the flyers of this class. There is much more privacy in this class. One gets to enjoy their flight duration in the business class lounge. If you make bookings for this cabin, get ready to avail the best services like priority check-in, booking, and baggage retrieval.

    Check-In Policy information-

    Caribbean Airlines offer understandable and straightforward ways to check-in. Complicated ways of check-in make it a little difficult for the passengers to complete this process. Here are the ways one can use to check-in-

    •             Online check-in-

    If the passenger opts for this way of check-in, they can avoid long queues. Passengers need to check in 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Nowadays, people prefer this way of check-in.

    •             Airport check-in

    For airport check-in, one needs to reach the airport 3 hours before the take-off time. It is crucial to get to the airport on time for the airport check-in. One can even check-in using the check-in counters located at the airport. If the flyer does not show up 1 hour before the departure time, their seat might get reassigned to another passenger.

    Ways of making Caribbean Airlines Reservations

    Caribbean Airlines offer multiple ways of reservation to their customers. As there are many ways of making the reservation, it helps all types of people choose the best way for themselves. There are online and offline ways of making the bookings, and both have their sub-divisions. One can use any of these ways to make bookings for Caribbean Airlines Flights.

    Online ways-

    Some of the online ways one can use to make bookings are the following-

    •             Using Caribbean airlines application

    The first online way a flyer can make bookings is the phone application of Caribbean airlines. Download the application on your mobile or any other device and follow the steps for making the bookings.

    •             Through e-mail

    Another online way to make the bookings is by dropping a mail to the team of Caribbean airlines. The team will get in touch with the passenger and will start with the process of making the bookings. It is an effortless way to book Caribbean airline flights.

    •             Through the Caribbean Airlines Official Website

    For making the bookings using the official site, visit the site and follow the steps mentioned on the site for making the bookings. Follow the steps in proper order to finalize your bookings.

    Offline ways-

    •             By calling Caribbean Airlines Reservations phone number-

    One of the easiest ways to make the bookings is using the reservation number. For making the bookings using this number, provide the travel team with some of the information they can use to make the bookings. The travel team will ask for some basic information like date of traveling, origin and destination city, etc. As soon as the travel experts get all the details, they will start with the booking process.

    •             At the airport-

    Lastly, make the bookings directly at the airport. When the passenger reaches the airport, get in touch with the staff of Caribbean airlines and give them the information and start with reservation. Some basic and essential information is needed to make the bookings.

    Steps to make a reservation via the official site-

    To make the bookings via the official site, some steps need to follow in order. If the passenger faces any problems, they can get in touch with the highly professional and reliable team of Caribbean airlines. People can make the bookings without bearing any pain through the official website. The steps one needs to follow are following-

    •             Launch your web browser and open the official site of Caribbean airlines.

    •             Now, select your preferred trip, i.e., one-way, round-trip, or multi-city.

    •             Mention your origin and departure city along with the departure and return dates.

    •             In this step, enter all the information necessary to make the bookings, names, the number of    passengers, etc.

    •             Tap on the enter key. It will open a new page.

    •             A list of airlines that are available for your trip will open on the new page.

    •             Choose the option most suitable for your journey.

    •             Make the payment for the tickets.

    •             As soon as the passenger makes the payment, they will get the confirmation mail.

    Know all about Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking-

    As one cannot predict the future conditions, people sometimes have to make the changes and amend their bookings at the last minute. So Caribbean airlines provide the facility of managing the bookings. Follow the following steps to manage your bookings for Caribbean flights-

    • Open the official site of Caribbean airlines in your web browser.
    • Click on the option of ‘my booking tab.’ After this, enter these details- Your e-ticket number or reference number, last name of the passenger, mode of making the bookings, i.e., miles or money.
    • Select the option of ‘find my booking tab’ and get the details of your booking.
    • Select the part of your booking which you want to change and manage. Lastly, follow the instructions mentioned to continue managing your bookings.

    If you have any doubt at the time Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking, get in touch with the travel representative.

    Tips and tricks to get the cheapest flights-

    As budget plays an essential role in the planning of a trip. There are endless tips and points that one can use to make bookings for affordable tickets-

    • Don’t forget to use the promo codes available. Promo codes allow saving a good amount of money on the bookings.
    • Go for advance bookings. Advance bookings are much cheaper as compared to last-minute bookings.
    • Surf the net and find the best month and day to make the bookings for your destination. Making bookings for the cheapest day and month helps a lot.
    • If you travel for a shorter distance, try and make bookings for an economy class as it is much cheaper.
    • Use miles and other rewards to make the bookings.
    • There are months which are very expensive to make bookings for Caribbean flights. Those months are October, November. If one proceeds to make the bookings for these months, the expenses might cross the budget.
    • On the contrary, the month is quite affordable and allows making cheap bookings for Caribbean flights in December.
    • Try and make bookings for the evening flight. The flights with morning departures are 140% costlier than the evening flights.

    Caribbean Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

    According to the cancellation policy, if you cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of the purchase, you will be entitled to receive a full refund. For this, the flight booking must have been made a week or more prior to the scheduled departure. If the passengers wish to cancel their flight only a few hours prior to the scheduled departure and the booking was made less than a week before the scheduled departure, they will have to pay a penalty for the same. The amount that will be charged as a penalty will depend upon the fare type you had purchased.

    The 24-Hour Refund Policy stated above will not be applied if you are doing domestic travel between Trinidad and Tobago. Also, if the cancellation was made after this 24 hour period, a cancellation fee ranging between $100-$500 shall be applied. Once you have applied for a refund, Caribbean Airlines will process it within 7-21 days. Refunds will be made through the same mode of payment that was used by the customer during the purchase of the ticket. After a refund has been requested, you can get to know about its progress by contacting the Caribbean Airlines Refunds Department.

    Know About Caribbean Airlines Luggage-

    Go through the policies of baggage before making Caribbean Airlines Reservations. It helps in planning for the luggage accordingly.

    • One personal item and one carry-on thing are allowed. If you are carrying your laptop or purse, then the size must not exceed 91 cm.
    • The fee for checked or hold luggage depends on the number of bags. One has to pay a fee per bag.
    • Not all sports types of equipment are free. For carrying some sports equipment, the flyers have to pay a fee.
    • If an individual carries overweight and oversized baggage, then the fee depends on the weight and size of the luggage.
    • The weight of checked baggage must not exceed 23 kgs, and its size should not exceed 157 cm.
    • Dimensions of checked baggage must not exceed 114cm/45in
    • Carry-on baggage must not exceed 114 cm and weight of 10 kgs.

    What is Caribbean Airlines pet policy?

    Here are the points explaining the pet policy of Caribbean airlines-

    •             The pet’s weight must not exceed 32 kgs, which weight includes the weight of the kennel.

    •             Dimensions of the kennel should remain up to 292 cm and up to 191 cm in length.

    •             If the dimensions and weight exceed these, then one needs cargo service.

    •             Dogs and cats get accepted under the pet policy.

    •             Passenger has to pay the taxes according to the point of origin.

    Methods used to transport the pet-

    • As baggage- Pet is kept in the temperature-controlled and pressure-controlled area of the plane.
    • As cargo- There are Similar situations provided to the pet when they get transported as cargo.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Will I receive a refund for flights canceled by Caribbean Airlines?
    A. Yes, you will receive a full refund if your flight was canceled by Caribbean Airlines itself.

    Q. What is interline booking?
    A. Interline Booking is a means to provide travel to passengers who need flights with multiple airlines to reach their desired destination.

    Q. Does Caribbean Airlines overbook flights?
    A. Yes, like most airlines Caribbean Airlines also overbook its flights.

    Q. Will I earn miles if I fly with any of the partner airlines?
    A. Yes, passengers will earn miles for flying with any of the partner airlines of Caribbean Airlines.

    Q, Where can I report if my baggage is damaged?
    A. You will have to get in touch with a Caribbean Airlines representative at the airport before you leave.

    Q. Is the 24-hour refund policy applicable for travel between Trinidad and Tobago?
    A. No, if you fly between Trinidad and Tobago, you won’t be eligible;e for the 24-hour refund policy.

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