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    Enjoy Congenial Journey With Etihad Airways Official Sites!

    Etihad means ‘Union’ in ‘Arabic,’ holds an advanced fleet that steers approximately 1000 flights in one week. It also handles cargo destinations with a massive environmental fleet and collaborates with various other airlines to offers luxury Airways services worldwide. 

    Etihad Airways covers around a total of 4000 destinations, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, and Australia. Advancing in the aircraft domain encompasses Airbus A320, Airbus A380, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 for the passenger fleet amongst its 100 aircraft. There are also several other aircraft for the cargo fleet. So, if you are willing to fly with Etihad & looking to get information, visit Etihad Airways Official Sites. 

    What Information Etihad Official Site Offers?

    Etihad Offers every piece of information that will help you to plan your trip in a hassle-free manner. Look before to find out more information:

    Etihad Airways | Cabin Classes

    Reservation services for Economy Class, Residence Class, Business Class, and First Class:

    Economy Class

    • Adequate personal space with reclining seats.
    • Additional legroom
    • Meals services
    • Large-sized pillows and blankets
    • Reservation of the entire row is allowed with Economy Neighbor-Free
    • Pleasure activities
    • Staff members will also provide the headrest

    Residence Class

    • Best suited for two people
    • Massive television availability
    • A Private bedroom also available 
    • Large TV screen also in bedroom
    • A personal bathroom is also functional between the bedroom and living room 
    • Extra storage provided
    • Adjustable seats for a luxurious feeling
    • Two pleasure and entertainment controls
    • You can enjoy the facility of Special utility kits.

    Business Class

    • Passengers that are flying from UAE have an option for accessing Chauffeur driven cars.
    • Unique headrest and back support for extra comfort
    • Meals services as per your decided timings
    • Pleasure activities
    • Wi-Fi Access
    • Special utility kits are provided, including earplugs, eye masks, luxurious socks, lip balm, body lotion, and many more items.
    • You are granted a calling provision while flying. 
    • For passengers flying to the United States can acquire Premium Lounge
    • For passengers flying to Abu Dhabi can ask for an Arrivals lounge
    • In business class, they have reclining seats that you can adjust to a flatbed for more easement

    First Class

    • Passengers that are flying from UAE have an option for accessing Chauffeur driven cars.
    • Boarding is done based on priority.
    • For extra relaxation and socializing, a unique lobby is provided to the passengers by Etihad.
    • Reclining seats are available that you can adjust to flatbed.
    • Big Television screens are under the services of airlines for entertainment
    • Wi-Fi facilities provided
    • For passengers flying to Abu Dhabi can acquire an Arrivals lounge
    • Special utility kits are there, including earplugs, eye masks, luxurious socks, lip balm, body lotion, etc.
    • Tailored dining options provided
    • VIP room up-gradation is allowed for a fee

    Etihad Airways Reservations | Booking Process

    You can make Etihad reservations with the three simple methods, i.e., Online, Offline, or Mobile App.


    Online reservation is quite an easy and sensible method for anyone seeking a booking. Passengers can go to Etihad Official Sites and follow the procedure for booking online tickets. Everyone is permitted to use the website and book its ticket or to avail of other services for airways. Customer booking online doesn’t have to worry about the security of the payment as a highly encrypted procedure is followed for online payments. You can make reservations through various modes as available online like an electronic wallet, debit card, credit card, etc.

    Steps followed for online Etihad Airways Reservations are:

    1. Go to the online website https://www.etihad.com/en-in/.
    2. On your Home Page, you will see a dropdown with a title as “Book.” Selecting that, click “Book Flight.”
    3. Now you will see a form where you have to enter various details.
    4. Firstly enter whether you want to book a ‘Return,’ One Way, or ‘Multi-City’ Flight.
    5. Based upon the last step, you will encounter different fields to be filled such as Flying from, flying To, Cabin, quest, etc. Fill up the entire area.
    6. Now press a button on the right side which says “Search Flights.”
    7. You will now see various available flights depending upon your route. You can select the one which suits you the best.
    8. The Next step is to make the payment for your flight. Follow the payment procedure as displayed on your screen, filling up your card details.
    9. After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation message with your flight details on your email id. 


    Passengers can also follow the traditional method for Etihad Airways Reservations by booking through ticket centers. You can book at the nearest Airport center suited to you. There you will meet the staff members who will abet you for the entire process and for booking up your ticket. 

    Mobile App

    Etihad Airways Booking can be made in few minutes by following easy steps on your Mobile App. This app provides you with complete services for booking. It is flexible and easy to access. You can do the entire booking procedure from searching flights to booking and making the payment in this app. 

    Flying Worldwide With Etihad Airways Flights

    Covering over 75 destinations, the Etihad Aviation Group has built a massive network with 117 fleets. It is amongst the second-largest airlines for UAE. Besides handling passenger traffic, the Etihad Airways Flights also steer Etihad Cargo and Holidays. During the COVID-19 situations, the Etihad flights stand first, going through the vaccination process of all of its cabin crew and pilots to maintain a secure environment. 

    Etihad Airways deals with the booking of various flight reservations and seat reservations. It is also known as UAE Flag Carrier. These bookings can be dependent on 120 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

    The Flying Routes Comprise Of 

    • Abu Dhabi (AUH) – New York City (JFK) [A380]
    • Abu Dhabi (AUH) – London-Heathrow (LHR) [A380]
    • Abu Dhabi (AUH) – Paris (CDG) [A380]
    • Abu Dhabi (AUH) – Sydney (SYD) [A380]
    • New York City (JFK) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) [A380]
    • Los Angeles (LAX) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) [777-300ER]
    • Chicago (ORD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) [777-300ER]
    • Washington, D.C.; (IAD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) [787-900]
    • Washington, D.C.; (IAD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) [787]

    Facilities Provided With Etihad Airways Flights:

    • Well-grounded baggage Policy
    • Online Check-in System
    • Pleasure and Entertainment Activities
    • Wi-Fi provision
    • Charging provision
    • Extra comfort with large spacious seats
    • Proper arrangements for children
    • Ordering Food while traveling 

    Etihad Airways is positioning second in the entire United Arab Emirates. Moreover, it has gained its second position in just eight years. Its central hub is at Abu Dhabi International airport. It operates a fleet for passengers, Cargo, and destination airways. Etihad Airways official sites provide the basic details of all these airlines, and you can easily book these as per your suitability. Four aircraft families are operating under Etihad flights. These are AirbusA380, Airbus A320ceo family, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 

    About Etihad Airways Manage Booking 

    Etihad manages booking is a policy that allows you to manage your flight efficiently and promptly. It helps you cancel your booked ticket, receive your credits, check the flight status, refund, and get special assistance. You can request this assistance in case of medical aid, any injury, pregnancy, etc. You can check the flight status simply by mentioning the travel date or just saying the flight number. It also helps to request the timetable of your flight. 

    It also plays a vital role and assists you in case you want to book a seat near the window and aisle, etc.

    Steps For Etihad Airways Manage Booking Management

    1. First, visit Etihad Airways’ official site. 
    2. Go to the “Manage” dropdown option and the options listed under ‘Manage Your Booking.’ 
    3. You can view or change the bookings, check flight status, get special assistance, and select your seat in this option. Amongst all these options you can choose the one as per your requirement. 
    4. Further, they will direct you to the page as per the selected option to manage your service.

    Luggage Policy Of Etihad Airways

    Based on the baggage policy, the passenger can carry any number of bags, but the overall weight must not surpass the luggage weight limit. For ease, they provide you with a baggage calculator where you can check and manage the bag allowance. The Baggage criteria are different for journeys starting or ending in U.S. or Canada. You can check the baggage allowance on Etihad Airways’ official sites. 

    Etihad Airways Luggage Allowances For Different Classes Are:

    • For the passengers belonging to Economy class, the baggage allowance is 7kg free baggage and 30 kilograms for checked-in luggage.
    • For the passengers belonging to the Business class, the baggage allowance is 7kg free baggage and 40 kilograms for checked-in luggage.
    • For the passengers belonging to the Business class, the baggage allowance is 7 kilograms free baggage and 50 kilograms for checked-in luggage.
    • The dimensions allowed for the carry-on baggage are 50*40*25cm. The carry-on luggage can be a handbag, camera bag, laptop bag, etc.
    • The dimensions allowed for the checked baggage are 50*70*38cm for U.S. and Canada. And for the rest of the destination, the dimensions allowed are 45*72*90cm.  

    Extra Baggage

    For any extra baggage you wish to buy, you have to get it four hours before the scheduled time of your flight. There is also an opportunity for some extra discount if you apply for excess luggage through online mode. You can purchase extra luggage after booking a flight during the flight and using Etihad guest miles. The extra baggage weight should not exceed 32Kg. 

    Etihad Airways Pet Policy

    As per the pet policy, it says that your pet must possess sound health to travel. Your pet must be certified by a veterinarian. A copy of this certificate is a must and is submitted for your pet to travel in Etihad airways. An Acclimation Certificate is also necessary during the cold weather conditions for your pet to fly. The main requirements are:

    • Your pet must be fit and healthy
    • Should not possess any communicable disease
    • Must be vaccinated properly
    • Must have visited for a health check-up within last ten days
    • Must not belong to the breed as banned by the Etihad guidelines.

    Pet Policy In Cabin

    No pets are allowed to travel inside the cabin of aircraft. Cats are also not permitted to travel in-cabin plane. Falcons will get the allowance, with all the necessary documentation and certification under the guidelines of the destination country. The primary documents required for all destinations are pet passports, pet crates, pet carriers, and pet policies. Apart from these, other countries need more records to be submitted. 

    Pet Policy In Cargo

    In Cargo, pets are allowed for the booking. There is a unique cargo airline team that will take care of your pets. They will also ensure to maintain and provide a suitable and attained environment for your pets. The airline crew controls the temperature in the airlines for the suitability of pets. Your pet can fly in the aircraft if you have all the available documents necessary for your pet to travel to a particular destination. The papers will vary from destination to destination.

    Besides that, there are restrictions on certain breeds of pets, and they are not allowed to travel in a cabin or Cargo. These include Boxer, Japanese Pug, American Staffordshire terrier, English Bulldog, Lhasa Apso, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, English Toy Spaniel, Dutch Pug, Brussels Griffin, French Bulldog, Chow Chow, Bulldog, Japanese Chin, Bull Terrier, Japanese Spaniel. 

    You must ensure to carry all the required documents, including pet passport, pet crates, pet carriers, and follow other pet policies and guidelines as issued by Etihad Airways.

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