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United Airlines is known for providing remarkable service to its passengers. It is a legacy carrier working towards passengers’ needs. Here, in this blog, you’ll get all the detailed information about baggage at United Airlines. If you have any queries or want to know anything about united airlines’ baggage policy, keep reading. You can also visit to get all the baggage information.

For assistance with United Baggage Tracking, talk to experts at Bag Track Helpline Number: +1-289-608-8633 (available 24/7).

Track My Bag

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United Baggage Tracking

United airlines has a feature of mobile bag tracking which helps passengers see the status of their bags through the United app. For United baggage tracking, the passenger needs to have a flight reservation with checked bags and the united app on their mobile phone. You can go to view reservations and select track my bags from the menu from this page With the bag tracking feature, you’ll know when your bag is loaded on the flight, when it is unloaded, and when it is at the baggage claim counter.

Baggage Refund

A passenger can claim a baggage refund if they paid for a piece of baggage and it has been declared lost by the airline. Customers can track their baggage using for a quick update on where the bag is. Airlines have different policies for determining if the baggage is lost. United Airlines claims, if they cannot find your bag within 3 days they will pay you $1500 for the lost bag and even reimburse the baggage fee if the customer has paid. 

Baggage Tracing

Baggage tracing is used to locate lost baggage as soon as possible. Passengers can report their lost items. A form is needed to be filled if you left something on the aircraft. A detailed description is required for the lost item including bag color, size, etc. A confirmation email with a United baggage tracking number will be sent to you for reference. When the baggage is found you’ll receive an email on how you can get it and also you’ll be informed if the airline cannot find the lost baggage within 30 days. Baggage tracing can also be done through

You can contact the TSA on the phone number available online if you have another item lost or missing from your checked baggage.

Baggage Claim

United airlines professionals handle and transport customers’ baggage with care. If your baggage gets damaged or is delayed you can report for the claim. However, united airlines are not reliable for the poor quality of baggage, normal wear, and tear, overpacked luggage, or inherent defect.

Damaged Baggage

You can report the damaged baggage if you are at the airport and also if you have left the airport. At the airport, you can report your damaged baggage to the baggage service office at the airport which is near the baggage claim area. A united executive will look into your issue and create a case for you and you’ll be provided the file number for the same. You’ll also be required to fill the damaged baggage claim form.

If you have left the airport your report must be submitted in written or in-person within 24 hours of arrival for being eligible for repair or replacement. In few cases, passengers can also report damaged baggage within 7 days of arrival to the airport counter for repair or replacement.

United Airlines Baggage Information

United airlines allow a maximum of 2 standard checked baggage pieces per passenger. Economy class passengers have to pay for the checked baggage. The maximum size allowed for the checked baggage is 62 inches. Carry-on allowance on united airlines flights is one bag that fits in the overhead in and one unit of personal item. For the basic economy passengers, only one personal item is allowed. Visit the page to get more in-depth baggage information.

Baggage Fees

Baggage fees might apply for united airlines. The fees depend on the cabin class you are traveling in, the destination, etc. Baggage fee is different for military personnel, frequent flyers, and affiliated carriers.

Checked baggage fees for united airlines flights are as follows:-

First Bag – USD 35

Second Bag – USD 45

Third and further bags – USD 150 per item

Passengers can only add up to 2 checked bags. Purchasing bags online would save you some money.

Baggage Policy Details

United Airlines baggage policy for the basic economy class includes:-

One carry-on item

One personal item

Checked baggage (fees applied)

Overweight and oversized baggage (fees applied per item)

Sports equipment (fees applied)

How much United airlines charge for baggage? 

United Airlines has an official baggage calculator option available on the website where you can put in the details and calculate the fee for your baggage. It is a baggage fee calculator tool officially used for passenger’s convenience. The calculator also lists the cost of overweight or oversized baggage items as per the cabin class and route. United Airlines’ fee for standard checked luggage for domestic flights is $35 for the first bag, $45 for the second bag, and $150 per bag for the third or any additional bag.

A baggage calculator makes figuring out the exact fee for your baggage easier and less complicated. Bagged purchased online are priced a little less than what the fee is at the airport.

How to get free checked baggage on United Airlines? 

United chase card members are eligible for free checked baggage on united airlines flights. All the card members holding one chase card and one companion are eligible for a piece of free baggage if the ticket is purchased from the united chase card.

Passengers holding the following cards are allowed free checked baggage.

  • Explorer Card Of United Airlines
  • Business card United Airlines
  • quest card
  • United club infinite card
  • United club card
  • Presidential plus card
  • Presidential plus business card
  • United business card
  • United club Business card

Important tip- The tickets must be purchased using the united chase card and the mileage plus number must be included in the reservation to claim free baggage.